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June 02, 2018


The World Wide Web and the Internet are the biggest information spaces in the world and it has become necessary for any business to ensure that they are visible on it. Think about it, every time you want anything, product, goods or services, our first inclination is to put the word in a search engine to see how to get it.

Unfortunately, visibility on the internet is a complicated affair. With so many websites out there competing for the customer’s attention, how do you ensure that your website will always be the first that is visited by prospective clients? Are you worried that your website is more like an archive with dust and cobwebs all over the place and no visitors? Are you worried that your competitors are getting more Internet visibility than your business?  Well worry no more, this article is just for you.

In this article we shall delve a bit into how search engines decide which page to bring up first, and how you can make your website be the first when searched on Google by making use of innovative software called Minik’s.

Search Engines

If you are in Marketing, you may have come across the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Well what does this mean? Let us first look at Search Engines.

The World Wide Web that is accessible via the internet, has a gigantic collection of documents and web resources that are only accessible via Web Pages. Because it is so huge, getting anywhere or anything out of the World Wide Web can be complicated. This is where Search Engines come in. Simply put, Search Engines applications with the ability to go through the entire World Wide Web, and do two things-

  • Dig for information from web pages.
  • Put this information into a searchable list ranked by defined parameters like relevance, popularity.

The activity of an application going through websites and digging for information is called web crawling or simply crawling. While the ability to build a list that  attaches parameters  facilitate ranking it is called Indexing.

So Search Engines simply  algorithms that crawl the World Wide Web and Index the information so that they can be Ranked in the order preferred by the user.

There are many search engines in the world but the top three are Google ( over 85%) , Bing and Yahoo.

Because Google is the most popular search engine accounting to over 90% of all searches, going forward we shall make a lot of reference to it.

Search Engine Optimization

The realization of how Search Engines operate, has spurned the growth of the Search Engine Optimization Industry and Practice (SEO). SEO is the deliberate effort to make your website more attractive to Search Engines but deploying the design techniques that can make the website more attractive.

So how does Google decide how to rank the pages.

Web Pages and Web Ranking

When a website is hosted on the internet, Google deploys a certain technique called the Google Indexing Algorithm which is basically proprietary Google software that sort of read a website and the web pages there in, performs a calculation based on the traffic that this page is generating, and from this, ranks the pages. This ranking is called Page Rank.

Whenever you type a work in the Google Search Engine, the algorithm compares the word or words to the many webs pages available, collates all that contain the key word and then ranks them.

Now the amount of visitors that a webpage receives is called Traffic. Think about of Traffic as many calls or shout-outs to you website. The more calls or shout- outs you get to your website, the more likely that your website is popular. The popular your webpage is, the more relevant it therefore appears to be.  So when the Google Indexing Algorithm looks around for certain key words that also happen to match your websites content, the more likely they rank your website higher in the popularity index. Simply put, higher traffic to your website results in a higher Pager Rank. It follows therefore that if you want to increase your Page Rank, then you need to increase the traffic to your Website.

This is the work of Search Engine Optimization professionals and software.

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

Google and other search engines have provided guidelines that websites need to follow in their SEO activities.  When an SEO activity follows all the guidelines, it is called a White Hat SEO When an SEO technique ignores some or all the rules, it is called Black Hat SEO. Because Search Engines create these guidelines to ensure a uniform playing field, use of Black Hat SEO is always punished through various means, but which effectively significantly reduce your ranking.

Social Signals and Their Importance to SEO.

A lot of techniques have been tried to achieve SEO. Unfortunately the Return on Investment for most White Hat techniques is rather low, and usually takes a long time with only limited Page Rank increase.  Black Hat techniques usually run the risk of having your website blacklisted or penalized which in turn is counterproductive.

In the social media era, Social Media Traffic is an essential component of SEO. The logic being that if you are webpage is being referred many times on a Social Media platform, then it is likely that you webpage has relevant information and therefore this goes to influencing your ranking. The ability of your web pages to attract social media attention is called Social Media Signalling, The beauty of Social Media Signalling is entirely in the domain of White Hat SEO. Unfortunately, is much harder to get Social Medial Traffic to your Website just because it simply is very difficult to convince your thousands of Facebook followers or Instagram followers to simultaneously write about your webpage.

This is where Minik’s Social Media Signals Boss comes in.

What is Minik’s Social Media Signals Boss

Simply put, Minik’s is the equalizer for any business needing to improve its rank on the internet. Minik’s Social Media Signals Boss is not just a single software but rather a Suite of software with each software individually designed to generate Social Media Signals for your web pages thereby increasing the Page Rank and therefore visibility.

Minik’s Social Media Signals Boss, works by automatically logging into the Specific Social Media Platform and by using Smart and Proprietary techniques, generate content continuously that is linked to your web page and then this content is picked up the Algorithms which determine Page Rank.

The way Minik’s Social Media Signals Boss works is, when set up properly, undetectable to Social Media platforms.

The Minik’s Social Media Signal s Boss Suite contains the following software that can be individually bought

Minik’s Face Book Social Signals Boss

Minik’s Twitter Social Signals Boss


Minik’s Tumblr Social Signals Boss

Minik’s Tumblr Social Signals Boss

Minik’s Pinterest Social Signals  Boss.

Minik’s Pinterest Social Signals  Boss.

Minik’s Google Plus Social Signals Boss

Minik’s Google Plus Social Signals Boss

How to Set Up Minik’s Social Signals Boss.

Each Minik’s Social Signals Boss software has detailed instructions on how to set it up, but the general principle is as follows

  1. Buy Minik’s Social Signals Boss for the social media platform account you are targeting.
  2. Buy Social Media Accounts from the Internet, they are plenty of resources.
  3. Run the Setup for Minik’s Social Signals Boss Software and follow the simple instructions.

What are the Results of Using Minik’s Social Signals Boss

When run for just one social Media Platform, Minik’s Social Signals Boss was shown to increase traffic by over 50% and more importantly ranking from page 15 to page 6 for just one key word and just one media platform. That is simply phenomenal.


We have learnt briefly about what Search Engines are and why SEO is important. We also learnt about Page Rank, Indexing and Crawling.

We learnt that a higher visibility is a desirable feature for any business and having a website is the best way to achieve this. We also learnt that to be able to direct more traffic to the web pages on the web site, the best bet for any business is to use Minik’s Social Signals Boss.

Thank you and  be sure to look into the Second part of this guide,  How to Get Google to Index my Web Site with MINIK’S TWITTTER SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS.

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