The power of email + the psychology of social proof = the social email

October 26, 2018 2 min read

The power of email + the psychology of social proof = the social email 2

The power of email + the psychology of social proof = the social email

Today, everyone knows about social media and how popular it is. Social media runs the world today, and there is a possibility that everyone is connected to it.

Facebook alone, for example, has over 1.94 Billion monthly active users. This is even before you mention the increasing use of social ads. Facebook leads as it earned $7.857 billion in the first quarter of 2017 for example, all coming from advertising revenue.

With such possibilities, who needs emails right? Goodbye, the old email and in with the new. That is how most people perceive emails and welcome the new social, proof and marketing.

It is understandable anyway that someone would consider emails a thing left in 2010. Social media is just so popular, and there is no dispute about that.

However, the truth of the matter is quite different. Emails have not received the news of being past prime. They continue to hold an essential part in the marketing cycle. In fact, emails alone drive more revenue than any other digital channel as revealed by US marketing executives.

Facts about emails

Emails have proved over the years to be the perfect way for those looking for the highest ROI. Today, there are well over 3.7 billion subscribers across the globe today. The figure is expected to rise to 4.1 B by 2021. This revelation shows emails are far from obsolete.

In 2015 for example, emails delivered an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. And the figure has been improving each year. According to a recent survey, email marketing was listed as the top channel for acquisition and retention. It is 40x more effective than twitter and facebook when it comes to customer acquisition.

The average click-through rate for Facebook is 0.07%, and that for Twitter is 0.03%. Emails, on the other hand, achieved 3.57%.

As if that is not enough, 86% of consumers say they would love to receive promotional emails. They would love it so at least from time to time.

This shows emails still run the show. The fact that is affordable and fast makes it even more functional. It is a must to have emails as part of your marketing campaign.

What is the kicker?

You can make emails on their own work pretty well. But use them both. Use them together, and you have the social email!

Social proof

Understand social proof from a simple point of view. That people trust people and not the ads. You can easily go to a restaurant or any other place because of what people are saying about it. That is social proof in action.

Social proof is just less the same as social media. It brings together the power of emails and the popularity/ psychology if social proof.

Conclusion – the social email

You can simply add a dose if social proof to your emails. To begin, show them the numbers and establish trust. From there, you can use reviews, ratings, and testimonials to leverage social proof.

Many email marketing solutions can make it easy for you. Identify one that works for you and put them to use.

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