Tips for gaining sales leads through effective leads

June 18, 2018 3 min read

Tips for gaining sales leads through effective leads

Tips for gaining sales leads through effective leads

Digital channels have proved to be very effective when it comes to attracting prospects, but that is not the only marketing challenge. Many businesses continue to face other problems after this, and the biggest one is converting the visitor into sales leads.

This is really what matters the most. Attracting visitors to your website could be easy. Through the many channels that have been provided, you can create as much traffic as you wish. You can even buy traffic to your website. However, it if you are not able to convert the numbers, you are spending on nothing.

In this article, we share five basic ways you can use to increase sales leads.

Have a clear value proposition

The value proposition crowns the B2B marketing. Through this singular statement that is concise, you need to be able to describe the offering. This includes stating why the offering is important to the buyer and how the company you represent will deliver the promise offered.

The task of a strong value proposition is to understand the customer. It communicates to them and makes them believe that they have found a company with the solution. This is done through different tools including descriptive copy, supporting images, content e.t.c.

Make sure your content is relevant

This is the place where most people fail. They focus on creating content for SEO only in which they will fit into so many keywords and forget that the user will want proper information.

Do not just create good content, aim for quality. Quality and relevant content are characterized by user engagement. Your content strategy should be fully loaded with content at the head, middle and tail. This is what you may use to determine your user’s persona in advance.

Apply the use of foam: collect meaningful data points in the whole qualification process

There are foams provided by different B2B websites that can help convert a visitor into a lead that can buy later. That is the easy part. The problem comes in when one needs to know where the foam will fit into the buyer’s journey.

To make it better for them, obtain only the minimum information at the beginning. Start with names, email address, company name, job title and any other basic information. From there, you can move to secondary info.

If you design your capture foams properly, it becomes easy to segment your leads.

On-site optimization

Your website is the number one brand representative for your company. When your employees are sleeping at night, the website is up selling for you. All pages must be optimized, not only the homepage.

The websites make the best first impression for you so make it worth your while.

Make decisions based on data

It is important that you come up with metrics you can use to measure the success of your marketing efforts. The analytics provided by Google Analytic and your CRM software should be your ally.

Use these tools to track your efforts as well as those of your competitor.

The bottom line is, as a marketer, you must realize that not all leads are at the same stage when it comes to the buying process. The strategies above can help you make the best decisions. 

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