UK Yellow Pages Scraper: Extract Business Data from

November 02, 2018 5 min read

uk yellow pages scraper for extracting business data from yell com

UK Yellow Pages Scraper: Extract Business Data from

Guide: How to extract business data from using Our UK Yellow Pages Scraper

Scrape and extract unlimited business contact details with our UK Yellow Pages Extractor. Our software will automatically extract business data from including emails, websites, addresses, business names, telephone numbers and more. The scraper will auto save all files and allow you to scrape B2B leads on auto pilot.

Before you jump into scraping UK B2B leads, it is important that you read this guide for the best results. It is worth to point out from the start that UK Yellow Pages will need a lot of proxies because is quite temperamental and tends to ban IPs very quickly. You can use this UK Yellow Pages Scraper for extracting unlimited B2B leads for your business. Our software has an ability to also scrape e-mail addresses (which are not provided by by crawling websites.

To run the software, click on "Manager.exe". This is a special app that will control the permanent running of the Yellow Pages Scraper. In the event of a software crash, the manager app will restart your copy of the software.

Step 1: Configure your proxies

configure your proxies for scraping uk yellow pages requires a lot of proxies for scraping and extracting business data. UK Yellow Pages have a higher security level than the USA Yellow Pages ( You can use private or rotating http proxies. You can buy private proxies online as well as on freelancer websites. We recommend Sweaty Quid UK Freelancer site for quality proxies. You can buy quality rotating proxies at Storm Proxies. Please note that sometimes you may need to authenticate your proxies by entering the IP address of your local computer or VPS/dedicated server on which you intend to do the scraping.

You can enter your proxies in the following formats:

  1. IP:PORT

The first option is very likely to need proxy authentication whilst the second option is not likely to need proxy authentication as it has the username and password inside it. You can use our internal tool to test your proxies to sift out any dead or non-working proxies. We recommend that you use at least 200 proxies for scraping (UK Yellow Pages) because it has a very high security threshold and tends to ban IPs very often when it detects scraping. Using and rotating many proxies will help to bypass this problem. As a rule of thumb, the number of proxies that you are likely to need will depend on how much scraping you intend to do. Now that you have tested and configured your proxies, click on save.

use proxies for scraping uk yellow pages

On the main graphical user interface screen, make sure to check the box "user proxies" to enable proxies.

Step 2: Select UK and enter your keywords and cities for scraping

uk yell scraper enter cities and keywords to scrape business data

Select UK and then enter your cities that you would like to scrape. The software will automatically pre-fill the city input field with UK cities. However, if you would like to scrape a custom list of cities, post codes or counties, simply clear the pre-filled results and enter your cities/areas. In the keyword section, enter the keywords for which you would like to scrape For example, if you are searching for "restaurants", just enter restaurants. You can enter multiple keywords inside the keywords field. The software will search every city/area for each keyword and create an export folder for each keyword. So for example, if you are searching for "restaurant" and "Chinese restaurant", the software will create two folders: one for "restaurant" and one for "Chinese restaurant". The software will automatically extract the data in separate spreadsheets for each city. This is especially useful if you would like to segment your business leads according to location. Otherwise, the software will create one file for each keyword containing ALL the business records for all areas inside the main software folder. This is helpful if you are not targeting your leads with laser precision and just need to have all the records for all areas/cities in one file.

Step 3: Configure the Scraper Settings

If, for any reason, you experience any difficulty in scraping records, you can check the "use an integrated browser instead of an http request" option. If your laptop or VPS/dedicated server has a timed out IP change then this option is recommended. Otherwise, do not check this option.

use an integrated browser instead of an https request

Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you run the software in a fast mode if you have a fast internet connection. Usually, this will be the case if you are planning to run the software of a VPS or a dedicated server.

run the uk yellow pages extractor in fast mode

You can now extract emails that match the domain name of the site. We have added this feature following the GDPR regulations. This will help you to automatically collect only business emails as opposed to personal emails from gmail, yahoo, etc accounts. Apply this filter if you would like to collect only business emails. Please note that this filter will reduce the number of results that you collect.

extract emails from that match the domain name

You have the option of running the software in an invisible mode. To put it simply, this will run the browser in the background and will not steal you screen. We recommend that you have this option enabled.

run the uk yellow pages extractor in an invisible mode

Step 4: Run the UK Yellow Pages Extractor

Inside the software, there is an integrated preview pane that will allow you to preview all the search results. You will also be able to see what keyword is being used for scraping and the total number of business records extracted. As does not provide email addresses, the software will go to each website and try to get an email address from there.

uk yellow pages scraper search results preview pane

Step 5: Exporting the Scraped Data

The software will automatically create folders for every keyword (the folders are named after keywords). Inside each folder, you will find the scraped business data for each city/area. This feature is especially useful if you are targeting businesses with laser precision. Otherwise, the software will also generate one spreadsheet with all the business records for all areas for each keyword. The software automatically removes duplicate business records whilst scraping so you do not need to worry about this aspect.

uk yellow pages scraper export files

Step 6: Opening your files

Open Excel in Microsoft Office. Click on the "Data" tab and select "from text/csv".

opening extracted data

Now navigate to the relevant folder and hit enter. You should now see your extracted data.

extracted business data from uk yellow pages yell

Some Tips for Increasing the total number of Results scraped from UK Yellow Pages

By default, if you use UK cities for scraping the UK Yellow Pages, you are going to reduce the total number of results scraped. This is due to the fact that UK Yellow Pages only displays 10 pages per search. However, by using say post codes or even boroughs within a city, you can maximise the total number of results scraped from The search will take slightly longer simply because you are using more locations.

Latest Update to the UK Yellow Pages Scraper - 5 November 2018

uk yellow pages scraper export all emails to a separate text file

Following many requests from our clients, we have added a very handy additional feature that will allow you to create a separate .txt file containing only scraped e-mail addresses. This is especially helpful if you intend to use e-mails for newsletters and B2B e-mail campaigns as this new feature will save you time from having to copy all the emails from .csv files manually. The Yellow Pages Scraper will still export 1) a complete .csv files for a keyword and all cities and 2) separate .csv files for a keyword and every city/area.

Download UK Yellow Pages Scraper Guide in PDF

Download UK Yellow Pages Scraper Guide in PDF

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