USA Yellow Pages Extractor: Scrape and Extract Data from

November 02, 2018 4 min read

USA Yellow Pages Extractor: Scrape and Extract Data from

USA Yellow Pages Extractor: Scrape and Extract Data from

Our Guide to extracting business data from using our USA Yellow Pages Extractor

Before scraping with Ivy's B2B Leads Miner, make sure to read this guide to avoid any problems and ensure that your scraping efforts are running smoothly. A single licence will allow you to run the software on 1 PC. The mac IDs (hardware IDs) will be tied to your licence upon activation. You cannot transfer your licence between different machines. We therefore recommend that you activate your licence for this software on permanent machines.

To run the software, click on "Manager.exe". This is a special app that will control the permanent running of the Yellow Pages Scraper. In the event of a software crash, the manager app will restart your copy of the software.

Step 1: Configure Your Proxies

configure your proxies for scraping

In order to run the software successfully, you will need to buy some private or rotating proxies. USA Yellow Pages will ban your IP address from accessing if you run your extractor without any proxies. You can buy many cheap private proxies online or you could even use a freelance site to find proxy providers. We recommend Sweaty Quid UK Freelancer site for quality proxies. A good source of rotating proxies is Storm Proxies. There, you can buy many quality proxies. Inside their dashboard, you will be able to add your PC's or VPS's IP address before proxies start working properly.

This is how their dashboard will look like.

storm proxies rotating proxies for yellow pages scraping

Now that you have purchased your proxies, simply add them to your list of proxies. Please note that you can add them in the following formats:

  1. IP address:Port
  2. IP address:Port:Username:Password

For the first option, usually, you will have to authenticate your local IP address. For the second option, you are usually not required to authenticate your local IP address. You can test your proxies using our internal proxy checker tool.

Step 2: Select USA Yellow Pages ( and Enter Your Cities

usa yellow pages scraper for extracting business data from yellowpages com

To configure your search settings, select USA to scrape and extract business data from the business directory. The software has pre-filled state abbreviations. However, if you would like to target say specific cities, you can add that. Simply clear the list and enter your cities or zip codes for more targeted business data.

Step 3: Enter Your Keyword(s) for Searching

yellow pages extractor for scraping usa yellow pages business directory

Here, you simply need to enter the keywords for scraping and extracting data from United States Yellow Pages business directory. The software will search every city/state on the left for each keyword.

Step 4: Configure the Software Settings

yellow pages scraper and extractor for USA Yellow Pages Business Directory

Let us give you a quick walk through through all the configuration settings. Check the "user proxies" field. If you have a fast internet connection or are running the software on a VPS or a dedicated server, check the "fast mode" option. The scraper will extract more business records in fast mode than it would otherwise. The "invisible mode" section will hide the browser within which the scraping is taking place. It is recommended that you check this option if you do not want for the browser to be running in the background. You can use an integrated web browser instead of an http request. This should be your fallback option in case the default http request mode is not working properly for you. The extract emails that match the domain name option is recommended if you only want to scrape business emails. This is particularly useful for legal compliance and privacy laws.

Step 5: Run the Yellow Pages Extractor

yellow pages usa business directory extractor

Inside the preview pane, you will be able to see the extracted business records in a live mode. You will also see the keyword that is being used for scraping as well as the total number of results scraped.

Step 6: Export of the Scraped Business Data

yellow pages business records export

The software will automatically export your results to a designated folder. The folder will be named after your keyword. Inside the folder, you will find spreadsheets (.csv files) for each city/area. This is especially useful if you would like to target your leads according to areas. Otherwise, the software also generates one file for each keyword containing business data for all areas. This is useful if you do not want to segment your B2B leads according to local areas. You will find this file inside the yellowpages folder and not the subfolder.

Step 7: Opening Your File

Go to Excel and click on the "data" tab. Select the option "from text/csv" on the top left hand side. Navigate to the file that you want to open and click on open.

yellow pages business data export file

Latest Update to USA Yellow Pages Extractor - 5 November 2018

export scraped emails to a text file

Following the latest update, we have introduced a new feature that will allow you to, in addition to exporting .csv files of scraped data, you will also be able to export all emails in a separate .txt file. It is a very useful feature that will save you time from having to extract emails individual .csv files.

Download USA Yellow Pages Extractor Guide in PDF

Download USA Yellow Pages Extractor Guide in PDF

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