Why does SEO need so much content?

June 18, 2018 2 min read

Why does SEO need so much content? - Unique and Quality Content is KING!

Why does SEO need so much content?

There are two terms that many people may not be able to relate; SEO and content marketing. They are different, but they actually work closely together when it comes to website ranking in the search engines.

To begin with, SEO relies on content marketing fully to achieve success. In the same manner, content marketing relies on SEO.

They may not be that different after all; they are the two sides of the same coin. If you consider them on the surface, they appear to work differently, but in reality, you cannot separate them. They are needed for the successful boosting of web traffic.

In the previous times, it could be very easy to optimize your page and get traffic using only keywords, changing link structures or Meta experimentation. However, the internet has kept evolving and search engines with it. The process is a bit more complex today.

It is simply the common statement “content is king” that reigns today. To rank higher, your website is going to need good and informative content. That cannot be found with thin content. This is not all though, because your content will only be found unless your SEO is solid.

Difference between SEO and content marketing

We have already mentioned at the beginning of this article that SEO and content marketing are different. The difference comes in such a way that SEO is more technical but narrow. On the other hand, content marketing is holistic and quite broad.

How they relate

There are quite some areas where the two relate. Here are three basic ones.

Ranking of new pages

Ranking of new pages can be achieved with both SEO and content.  SEO is as simple as ranking as high in the SERPs as possible. The problem is, you cannot do so effectively unless you have high quality and new content.

This means that whenever you are creating new content for your page, you are giving it an opportunity to rank higher. Remember though that there is more weight in quality than in quantity. You will get a high ranking if your content is of high quality than when it is low.

Optimization of keywords can be done with content

The best way to reach a more diverse audience is to ensure that you have utilized the keywords within the content you are posting. This is inclusive of the niche audience. It is important that you don’t force the keywords in the content. Let them flow naturally.

Quality content can help your website obtain authority

When it comes to ranking high in the search engines, there are quite some factors that are put into consideration. They include the quality of your written and published content. This means that the moment you start to utilize your keywords to reach your audience, your rank continues to increase.

Why is important, therefore?

It has become a common practice for owners of different websites to focus only on SEO or content marketing and forget the other. But, they are both important for online marketing.

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