Why does SEO take so long?

June 14, 2018 2 min read

Why does SEO take so long?

Why does SEO take so long?

Many website owners invest heavily in SEO, and they desire and expect to see results almost immediately. Many may even start to wonder, after getting the best company to do their SEO, setting the best for their website. A few weeks later, they still have not seen the results.

This is not possible, and it takes time to get your SEO on the route. It needs great patience. Look at it this way; you want to go on a journey with someone. They left hours before you and using the same means of transport you want to overtake them.

You might think of driving double the speed if you are driving, but considering the risks with the law, you find it impossible.

The same situation applies with Google whenever you try to go high the organic ranking. You cannot just jump to it and get ahead of those who established before you.

The genuine ranking for Google takes time, and you must work hard towards achieving it. Some SEO companies may try to use convincing terms to have you consider their companies. You will still have to for some time.

There are a few things that may hold you back even when you are putting in your very best. Here are some of them.

The age of your domain

As stated above, you cannot just drive pasta another person who started way before you on a freeway. You have to go at your speed to get there.

With Google, the age of your domain determines how you get your SEO in play.

Consider this; your website has just been registered. You have done a great job, and everything is underway. However, there are old timers already established and so you don’t suppose just to get the same respect. Not at the moment definitely.

The industry matters

Industries are different especially in the SEO business. There are some in which the level of investment in SEO is quite low. Because of this, it is actually possible to rank the website within a month.

In other industries, however, things are a bit intense. Websites are desperate to get to the top that they just throw money around to get there. In law, for example, ranking for keywords can take up to a year. This could even be more, depending on the level of competition.

As time goes by, results get slower

You may have your website on page 10 at the beginning of your SEO journey, as time progresses you find it on page 4. The higher you are on the ranking, the tougher the competition will get for you.

The Googlebot

You should know that you are not live on the internet when you search Google. What you are simply doing is looking at the Google library of websites. Google is the one that searches up the website using Googlebot. It does this by crawling through all the websites just like a little spider.

This means it could take some time for example to find a backlink that you have built on a directory.


There are many reasons why SEO takes long, the bottom line is, you just have to be patient.

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