Why isn’t my website ranking?

June 18, 2018 2 min read

Why isn’t my website ranking?

Why isn’t my website ranking?

Creating a website could be very easy. In fact, you can do it in very few steps and few minutes. However, websites are created so that it can be seen by internet users. It will not make sense if you have a website that does not appear on the search engine result pages.

The reason could be because your website is not ranked. Search engines use special tools to crawl and rank pages according to their niches.

You may have launched your website and are sure you have written engaging content; ready to move on. Everything on paper may be looking great; then you realize that your website is not ranking for the target keywords you have selected.

The basics of SEO may actually seem simple to many. Just write catchy content and add in a few things. However, that is only on paper; the actual practice could be more difficult and complicated. If you consider all the factors, like a competitor, complex ranking algorithm and so on, you will realize how hard it is to optimize pages.

There are a variety of reasons why websites don’t rank. To begin with, it could be that your website just isn’t good enough. To help you understand why your page is not ranking, the following reasons have been provided for your consideration.

The competition could be just too tough

Your target keywords determine whether or not you are ranked to create length. The more competitive they are, the more optimized your page will be. If you target keyword with huge amounts of competition, you might have a problem ranking.

The most competitive ones appear at the top of the rank, and that is where much competition is expected. Before you launch your campaign for SEO, ensure you have done serious research on the target keywords to determine the level of competition.

Poor on-page optimization

Before you start wondering why your website isn’t ranking, consider if you have properly optimized your page for organic search. Consider factors like page titles, XML sitemaps, and keyword density play a huge role in Google ranking. You only need to do this once, and you are good to go.

Your content could be too thin

Google is designed with an algorithm that rewards the most relevant, helpful results for any keywords search. The top-ranked pages usually have 2,000 words of unique content. Fix the problem by creating longer unique content.

You could be having very few links

You may have analyzed everything and created the best content, but your page is still not optimizing. Consider if you have enough links to your site or not. Not just links but relevant links because links from other websites within your niche hold more weight than unrelated websites.

Bad link building practice could be your problem

You may have gotten all the above correctly. However, it may fail to rank due to a manual or algorithmic penalty. Google is very keen on black hat SEO and cannot be tricked easily.  You use the Google Search Console to check for manual actions and penalties.

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