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Balancing the books...

No matter what industry you work in, anyone with their own business can’t keep track of every piece of finance going! In fact, if you can, you’d be a pretty extraordinary person! After all, that’s why you hire an accountant! A financial expert who can keep tabs on all of that stuff for you, without needing to break the bank while doing it.

Actually, accountants normally pay for themselves by clawing money from the jaws of the taxman, by accurately keeping the books and keeping the bonuses for themselves. And so they should!


There’s a number of reasons why using an accountancy firm or an accountant can benefit marvellously!

- Allows companies to be legally compliant with their obligations to the taxman, while still maximising their revenue.

- Allows for accurate figures to know exactly where the business stands.
- Allows a business to make purchases knowing the funds are safely there in the bank when it’s all accurately accounted for.

Think of what you could do if you know them all!

With our products, you can now make dreams a reality. Within weeks you’ve have more contacts than you can fathom. You’ll have all of the following:

  • Names and addresses of every accountancy firm in the country of your choice!
  • Email addresses for all of these!
  • Not forgetting telephone numbers!
  • Links to social media pages for the companies so that you can weigh in on the discussion!

But who could need such a list?

So, suppose you have the listings for every hotel in the entirety of the US. Or the UK. Or Australia. Who could possibly need such a thing?

  • Very large firms looking for a wide range of skills to help them claw back as much money as possible and maximise their operational efficiency.
  • Successful freelance accountants who’re looking to maximise their work by collaborating with firms who might be happy to outsources...

But why choose us?

You’ll find, with our help, you’ll be effortlessly co-operating and taking new work left, right and centre. How comes? Our easy to copy csv excel spreadsheets help you reach all the best clients, and big businesses effortlessly. Feel the power of B2B. And with the retail leads on the streets, you’ll never be short of leads to try!

And our B2B Email lists are always up to date. Even after purchase, and for the lifetime of the product, you will receive periodic updates so you’ll only ever be contacting the best contacts we have to offer!

The ultimate B2B marketing, executed in moments!

There’s no single way to build up momentum, but here’s some of the best!

Outsourcing, the right way!

When you’re looking for work, you might be surprised how many firms have just too many clients to accurately keep tabs on. IN fact, some are more than happy to outsource to the right freelancers. It might not earn the same wage as someone in house, but for building the portfolio, and filling your diary, sometimes the freedom is well worth it! Simply drop, drag and send to all of your subscribers for an instant rush of work from our business leads!

Save money, for free!

You have a multi million dollar empire to run. You don’t have the time to be running around and finding accountants, meeting, shaking hands and learning about them! But we do. That’s why you have our B2B Emailing list. Drop an email to over a thousand of them at once, telling them of your predicament. It could be the only email which saves your millions of dollars this year, more than any of your blockbuster clients could!

Opportunity calls!

Accountants are very proud people... And it’s very easy to catch the attention of a professional with an old fashioned, well placed phone call. We can leave the compliments and flattery up to you, but how else can you save yourself thousands without trying?

All the freebies that come from our Charity mailing list...

Full access to our product the moment your payment is processed. No waiting around for deliveries and signing for packages. Just a no fuss, digital key!

Forget monthly fees, admin charges and handling costs. The price you see on screen today is the price you pay for life. The updates... well, they’re on the house!

If you’re still not convinced, have a go with our free samples, and see what we can do for you!

Your business needs the very best, so why settle for less?

Order today!

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