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Charity Case!

It’s hard not to applaud a charity. Raising money for countless good causes; cancer research, the eradication of dangerous diseases, supporting the less fortunate, campaigning for changes at government level, and far, far more. And with thousands of registered charities in the UK, there’s a niche for just about all of them, just like our products!

Charity Benefits

Charity really does great in the world, and it provides some really good benefits!

- It boosts and enhances the lives of those in the very worst positions in life, both in the home country, and abroad in the world’s poorest countries.

- With the rise of the internet, they can pop up at a seconds notice in response to disasters and can gain ground quicker than any government can!
- They provide hope to the world’s poorest and provide jobs for the community.

Think of what you could do if you know them all!

Since charities run without making profits like a conventional business, there’s a lot of ways they can help you! So our B2B database provides you with all of the following!

  • Names and addresses of every registered charity currently in the country of your choice!
  • Links to all the donation and campaign pages for digital presences!
  • Registered business addresses for all of those with a physical, on-the-high-street presence!
  • Social media links to every charity page!

But who could need such a list?

But why do you need it?

  • Every business can benefit from having a charity sponsor! Supporting good causes is fantastic for publicity!
  • Perhaps you’re looking for a cause to support for that epic funder raiser you have planned!
  • For the industry professional looking for ways to advise the best places to work with!

But why choose us?

It’s not just a database. It’s not just a B2B mailing list, though it certainly has a large number of them! It’s the compilation and result of five years of our expertise and determination to give anyone who works alongside charities a huge advantage to their work. We’ve met, greeted, wined and dined, and used advanced technology to put together a list of the most relevant contacts you’ll ever need as your traverse your way through your career!

And you’ll maintain that advantage. Why? Because we keep your list up to date for the lifetime of your product!

The ultimate B2B marketing, executed in moments!

We can’t tell you a good way, because there are just so many!

More support than a master engineered bridge!

Finding charities happy to work with you and create that partnership has never been easier, when you can use the easy to manage csv spreadsheet to drop and drag some, a few, or even all of them into your subscribers list, and send the proposal to everyone in the company! The chance to lock horns and take advantage of the opportunity might get you flooded with chances!

Email the inner philanthropist!

Start getting backing and those benefactors for your new charities! And when charity is such a co-operative industry, even networking with other charities can net you a wealth of new backers and friends for list! And you can never have enough of those...

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three?

Seal the deal. Not your lips. That magical phone call you make to the head of the next big thing might just land you the partnership of the century! Why say it in three sentences on an email when you can use your charisma?

Passionately social!

Find out what the public are supporting, and what grinds the gears of the public by weighing in on social media. So much collaboration is bound to find you an opportunity somewhere! And if you’re looking for a cause to raise money for... you might just find a gap in the market begging to be filled...

All the freebies that come from our Charity mailing list...

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No lemons. No monthly fees or admin charges. All updates keeping our B2B mailing lists in top quality shape are completely free after the payment!

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