Computer Repair Shop Email List

Computer Repairs: An Overview

When computers first became a reality, they were an absolutely pinnacle of technological advancement. Compared to what we have nowadays, we’d probably laugh at the old technology. But from it stems an industry built from all its downsides.

Did you know that the computer repair industry in the UK alone is worth £2.6 billion in revenue per year, with a growth of 5.9% over the last 5 years? And with 4,253 businesses operating with the sole intention of fixing broken technology, there’s no end to the potential which can be grabbed in this growing market!

So how can computer repairs benefit us?

 Why fix a computer when you can just buy a new one? Well there’s a number of reasons computer repairmen are never going to be out of a job!

  • Technology is constantly moving forward. And with new tech brings new problems. New faults and new weaknesses which computer repairmen everywhere need to fix. The only way they’ll be out of a job is if technology suddenly became flawless!
  • Economic uncertainty has boosted the industry, with businesses and individuals opting for cheaper repairs of damaged tech, rather than writing it off for something new and expensive!
  • It keeps the wheels of almost every business on Earth moving! IT has become a necessity in just about everything, so with it comes those with the means to fix it all!

Who can it help?

So now you want to consider the benefits of making your way into the computer repair trade. It’s not a bad choice. So who can it help?

  • Freelancers in the industry
  • Successful repair shops looking for more work
  • Business advisers – with ease of market research
  • Budding entrepreneurs

An insight into our Computer Repair Shop Email List

Now it’s about time you realise just how much of an advantage our products can provide. We’ve had a team of experts, over the course of five years, collecting information and contact data designed to revolutionise the way you do business, and drive your sales into orbit. Look at what you’ll receive below!

  • Names of almost every computer repair shop trading in your chosen country.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses to specifically tailor your B2B marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media links from our comprehensive B2B Database, allowing you to quickly build rapport and make contacts.
  • Much, much more.

Why choose us?

We’ll elevate you from a simple trader or freelancer who “knows a guy who knows a guy”, to the man or woman with enough contacts to make the yellow pages turn green. You’ll have a contact for every possible need, and you’ll maintain it, since we update you for free periodically, and give you easy access with our own specially formatted .csv spreadsheet to streamline your work flow.

And you don’t just get a few tens of contacts. You’ll be put in touch with over ninety-five percent of all known and public industry vendors. Just think, that’s over 3,800 shops all by itself, all at your easy reach of communications! Why spend all that time shaking hands and saving numbers to your phone in person, when it’s all available here? Save yourself the hassle, and the time, and turn that saved time into pure profit!

Think of the possibilities...

So now that you have it, picture yourself in these positions. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • You’re a struggling freelancer with all the skills and passion in the world, but struggle to find clients? Use the definite directory to find businesses willing to outsource their excess work to you, and guarantee you that career in what you wanted to do!
  • Running a successful shop fixing computers for the public, but need to maximise your profits? Use the B2B leads we provide to get in contact with all the best parts merchants who can guarantee you a better deal, and raise that profit ceiling higher than you ever thought possible!
  • Setting yourself up as an adviser for the business, but need to tailor your advise perfectly? Having an arsenal of companies to approach and find the very best will ensure your client always pays top dollar for your services!

It’s here, and it’s here to stay! No matter what your angle is, there’s no reason to deny yourself the crystal clear advantage our B2B Marketing and email lists provide. And we’ve been providing this edge to many businesses who’re already benefitting from it!

How many ways you can use our international database for your very own B2B marketing

Computer Repair Newsletter

With our ability to send pass newsletters around so easy it should be considered criminal, you can send a marketing campaign nationwide. Our ability to drop and drag contacts onto subscriber lists and fill them in on your latest top of the line deals is second to none. It’s important to keep your clients and potential partners in the loop, so get crafting your newsletter today.

Computer Repair Email Blasts

Looking to offer a free processor upgrade with your latest repair? Maybe a graphics card upgrade with another deal? With our vast mass mailing lists, and the ability to reach the entire market in just the touch of a button, you’ll eventually having clients smashing their computers just to get a piece of what you have to offer. Net yourself a bigger slice of the pie with our B2B Email Marketing!

Telephone, not just a relic.

Computer repair shops might work on some of the biggest pieces of cutting edge technology, but our B2B data isn’t just limited to emails. With the ability to make your interactions much more intimate, it just takes the ability to dial to secure yourself a much better deal on your parts, or your latest repair contract...

Don’t dodge the forums!

Technology is a funny old game. A great deal of the population owns a computer, with 45% of the world online in 2016. However, those who can fix them are not quite as common! It’s no surprise to find many panicked consumers on social media asking for help from the tech monkeys. With a list of all the best social media pages for the industry, there’s scores of those looking for repairs and advise, which may just be able to get the customer feedback you need, and help your business soar!

Collaboration is Key!

Computer repair shops are often small and independent. Many don’t have the wages to pay engineers full time. So when you, the man or women with all the contacts from our list offers to take some work for less than a full time engineer, you may find the work pouring in! Team up, and create your own network, and you might find yourself opening your very own, unique computer repair!

The perks of our Computer Repair Shop Email List:

By picking the country of your choice, you’ll get instant access to the product immediately upon payment, making your advantage available straight away.

Our no lemons guarantee. The price you see is the price you pay. There’s no subscriptions and no hidden fees. Just let us keep you updated, and you keep your bank balance on the rise.

Free samples are included. That’s how confident we are of what we can do for you!

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