Google Backlink Indexer

Almost Guaranteed Backlink Indexing - Our Index Will Submit Site URL to Google Bing Search Engines

Google Backlink Indexer works by submitting your backlinks or website urls to Google Search Console. If you Google "submit website url to Google" or click on the link we provided for convenience sake, inside the "Search Console", you should see a URL input field and a Google captcha. Above the URL field there is the following notice from Google: 

Google adds new sites to our index, and updates existing ones, every time we crawl the web. If you have a new URL, tell us about it here. We don't add all submitted URLs to our index, and we can't make predictions or guarantees about when or if submitted URLs will appear in our index.

Following extensive case studies and beta testing, we have found that Google actually indexes about 95% of backlinks within anywhere from 5 seconds to a couple of hours. However, Google is most likely not to index extremely low-quality and spammy backlinks that have SPAM written all over them. During our beta testing of our Google Backlink Indexer, we have tested all forms of backlinks and have come to the conclusion that most web 2.0 backlinks (popular blogging websites such as wordpress), forum profiles and most other backlinks will get indexed. One of the most important indexing factors is unique and quality content. During our testing of the Google Backlink Indexer, we observed that Google will not index url pages that have duplicate content, no content or very thin content. There have been many discussions in the SEO community that content spinning no longer works in the light of Google's latest algorithm changes such as RankBrain. Contrary to this view, 95% of spun web 2.0 backlinks were indexed by Google and even outranked other websites in Google rankings. Our indexer works not only with backlinks but all types of urls including websites. If you have published a new product or page and would like to index it, you can also submit it to Google using our indexer.

Try It Yourself: It Works! Submit Site URL to Google Search Engines

Take a couple of backlinks that you have and submit them to Google yourself. Wait for a bit and check whether Google has indexed your backlinks. You can check whether your backlinks have been indexed by running the following search: "site:[your backlink url]" or you can just search for the backlink url also. We can hear you exclaim "wow! It has been indexed". Now you can see for yourself that it works.

Option 1: You can Submit Your Website to Google Manually

There is no magic or secret sauce hype in indexing your backlinks with Google. You can do it yourself! If you need to index a couple of backlinks or website urls, then it is probably cheaper and more effective for you to do this manually. However, if you have hundreds or even thousands of backlinks then doing this manually will be problematic not only because it is an extremely tedious process and will see you turn into a robot, but Google will not allow you to index more than a certain number of backlinks at any given time. As you have noticed, you have to be logged in into your Gmail account in order to submit your url to Google and as well as complete a Google "I'm not a robot" captcha. Sometimes, clicking the "Submit Request" button will be enough but most of the times, you will be required to complete a photographic captcha such as selecting all pictures of cars, busses, mountains, bridges, store fronts and other things. If you submit your urls to Google too fast, you may be restricted from submitting further urls from your Gmail account. 

Option 2: Automate The "Submit URL to Google" Process Using Our Trusted and Tested Google Backlink Indexer

Our Google Backlink Indexing Software will allow you to automate the entire backlink indexing process. Our Google Backlink Indexer incorporates all the safeguards to ensure that you can index your backlinks without any interruption. For example, you will need to add Gmail accounts and private proxies in order to index many backlinks. As you have seen from the above, Google will only allow you to submit so many accounts from the same IP and Gmail account. Naturally, if you want to submit many urls to Google Search Engine, you will need to have many proxies and gmail accounts. You can buy private proxies from us on a monthly basis and you can get cheap Gmail PVAs (phone verified accounts) from our trusted partners. We intentionally did not centralise and make private proxies and Gmail accounts available to all users (this is where thousands of Gmail accounts and proxies are running in the background of the software. The developers usually buy them in bulk and run them centrally so that they are available to each user) because we do not know what urls other users are submitting and as such, we do not want to blacklist any Gmail accounts or proxies. Let's say if one users submits spammy backlinks using the central Gmail accounts and IP addresses then Google will treat those proxies and Gmail accounts as spam and it may not index any further backlinks submitted from those accounts. You will also need to register with 2captcha remote captcha solving service. This is for solving those "I'm not a robot" captchas. It is fairly cheap: $3 or so for 1,000 solved captchas. We have also added an ability to add delays between each submission as well as specify the the time interval for rotating proxies and Gmail accounts. This will allow you to control the speed and rate of your backlink indexing.

Why You MUST Index Backlinks

Many SEO experts and professionals build all forms of backlinks to websites such as Web 2.0 properties, bookmarks, forum profiles, press releases, directory submissions, etc. However, it is important to note that Google DOES NOT INDEX ABOUT 80% OF ALL BACKLINKS naturally. It can take a year or two years for backlinks to be indexed naturally, but most will not be indexed. Instead, you have to come to Google and tell them that your backlink is there and ask it to crawl and index it. There is a reason why Google has provided an option to submit urls to Google: it wants you to submit your website urls. Many of our customer complained to us that despite building thousands of quality web 2.0 backlinks, they are not seeing any ranking increases. This is because Google does not know about their backlinks and each link carries absolutely zero power. During our beta testing period, we have indexed about 1,000 quality backlinks to a website and the website's domain authority (DA) increased by 5 points and it's Google ranking shot up by 7 places. This is a testament and living proof of the fact that back link indexing is crucial for Google SERP rankings.

Don't Waste Your Time With Pinging Your URLs: IT DOES NOT WORK

Pinging is a process whereby backlink urls are submitted to statistics websites in an effort to get search engines to crawl and index your backlinks. Pinging used to work back in 2010 and earlier, but it is obsolete now. Ping your backlinks as much as you like to no avail. Google and other search engines will not index them.

How Our Google Backlink Indexer Compares to Other Backlink Indexing Services

You may have come across multiple backlink indexing services that all allege that they use secret sauces, link shorteners, bookmark submissions and RSS feeds. For testing purposes, we have subscribed to and tested almost every single Google Backlink Indexing Service on the market. We have submitted a bunch of different backlink urls and drip fed them using the recommended limits. Despite waiting for months, only under 10% of our backlinks were indexed with some indexing services whilst others had near 0% success rate. Majority of these Backlink Indexing Service Websites are Cloud Based and they submit your urls to their centralised repository. These backlink indexing services aim to create a lot of activity around each backlink in order to get Google to crawl and index your website instead of submitting your website directly to Google. On the contrary, our Google Backlink Indexing Software actually submits your backlink urls to Google directly as it is the most effective and surefire way of indexing your backlinks. Yes, there are the captcha, proxy and Gmail account costs associated with our indexer, but why pay or use other indexing services that are not working? 

Key Features of Our Google Backlink Indexer

Our Google Backlink Indexer is equipped with many cool features that will ensure that will ensure the continuity of your backlink indexing.

1. Proxies: You can add your private proxies. Google Backlink Indexer will rotate between proxies (and Gmail accounts) at set time intervals.

2. Gmail Accounts: you can add as many Gmail accounts as you want. You can purchase off-the-shelf Phone Verified Gmail accounts from our partner websites. 

3. Remote Captcha Solving Service: you should register with 2Captcha and top up your balance.

4. Delays between url submission and proxy and gmail account rotation. You can tell our Google Backlink Indexer to sleep for x number of second after submitting a url to Google and to rotate proxies and Gmail accounts every x number of minutes. What this does is it spreads out the submission of your urls. 

5. Maximum Number of Backlinks to Index: you can tell the software to stop after submitting an x number of backlinks to Google. This is an important feature because bombing Google with hundreds of daily backlinks will raise a red flag and could get your website penalised.

6. Backlink Indexing Checker: you can tell our indexing software to check whether your urls have been indexed with Google by running a simple "site:[url]" check for each backlink. You can then export your results in a .csv file and index the backlinks that are not yet on the Google index.

Useful Tips on Getting the Most Out of Our Google Backlink Indexer

If you have many backlinks, we recommend that you purchase a Windows VPS and run your indexer 24/7.