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Get ready to Dominate Google Rankings With Our Cutting-Edge Google Organic Search Traffic Bot

Most people assume that getting backlinks is the only way of ranking a website on Google search engine results page. In fact, Google search traffic is an important metric that accounts for about 15% to 20% of the ranking factors. For example, let's suppose that a popular celebrity has launched her new clothing line and everyone is searching for it on Google after reading about it in the press and social media. Now, that new clothing e-commerce store may not have many if any backlinks. However, it would be unfair not to rank this website simply because it has no backlinks. Google therefore takes into consideration the fact that thousands of people are searching for it and ranks the clothing website higher in the search engines results page. Most traffic generation bots are useless in this day and age of SEO and only serve to increase the bounce rate that adds no value to a website whatsoever. Our tech wizards have developed the most powerful Google Organic Search Traffic Bot which will search for your keywords on Google and then browse through the search results pages to find your website. Google Organic Search Traffic Bot then clicks on your website and browses your website by clicking on your internal pages for a set duration specified by you. This, in turn, will help you to rank for those search phrases on Google. We have integrated proxies to make sure that each Google search originates from a different IP address. By running this Google Organic Search Traffic Bot, your website will start moving up on the search engine results pages. It is a great strategy to supplement your other SEO campaigns.

The Most User Friendly Google Organic Search Traffic Bot With Real Human Behaviour

Our Google Organic Search Traffic Bot is incredibly easy to work. The website traffic bot comes as a standalone desktop software that you can run for as long as you want. You can run the Google Organic Search Traffic Bot on your local machine (laptop or a desktop) or leave it running on a VPS. The traffic software is incredibly easy to learn and it has all the built in safeguards to keep Google security filters at bay. We recommend that you run this software on a slower mode by allowing for a generous delay between each search to keep everything looking as natural as possible. If you do not have proxies, you can buy those from us. Our Google Organic Search Traffic Bot emulates human behaviour by running searches in the same way a human would. 

Why Choose Our Google Organic Search Traffic Bot

Don't you just hate when software developers create a software and then abandon it. At WowItLoveItHaveIt, our team is committed to excellence and is regularly making updates and improvements to every software offered by us. This means that you will always have a fully functional and improved Google Organic Search Traffic Bot that is always better than any other traffic generation software on the market. We do not charge monthly fees. You only pay for a lifetime licence which entitles you to free updates and support from our team. We understand that you may not be SEO savvy and this is why we have made our software to be as intuitive and simple as possible without sacrificing its core functionality. By purchasing our Google Organic Search Traffic Bot, you will become a part of our wonderful and supportive community where you will be able to share your results, receive tips and advice from other members.


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