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The Fitness Industry – a fickle thing?

I’m sure if you’re like many, you’ve probably started a monthly subscription to a fitness club on January 1st, promising to get fit and active for a new year, new you campaign. And hands up, how many are guilty of paying a gym for many months for the privilege of not actually attending? Guilty as charged.

However, it might add salt to the wound to know that you were contributing to the $84 billion a year across 145 million gym members globally which the industry boasts. In fact, one in every 7 people in the UK is a member of a gym of some brand. Now that’s an awful lot of customers! Or failed new year’s resolutions, as the case may be!

Benefits of the Health Club Industry

It isn’t difficult to see the benefits this market brings to society as a whole. Sure, we can all become fitter and healthier of our own accord, but a health club sure makes it easier.

  • They boost the general wellbeing of the public.
  • They’re largely affordable, and allow people to fit their exercise around work.
  • Distractions are cut down to a minimum, allowing people to focus on their workouts.

Who can it help?

So now imagine having the ability to contact almost any gym or health club in the country of your choice. But who would want such access?

  • A bright, budding entrepreneur with a new gym idea.
  • Business owners selling health foods and supplements
  • The manager of an already successful health club looking to branch out
  • The founder of a struggling business looking to bring it back from the brink.
  • Business advisers looking to add a cutting edge to their skills.

Introducing our Gym & Health Club Email List!

Now you don’t have to imagine. Purchasing this product will give you all of that access and more. Just look at what’s included:

  • Business contact lists for every health club and gym in the country.
  • More importantly, business contact details, so there’s always someone on the other end of your proposal!
  • Links to social media pages for health clubs, so you’ll always know what the clients are talking about. And you can stay tuned to what they’re promoting, helping you stay one step ahead of your competition!
  • Much, much more.

Why choose us?

Using our no-brainer style excel spreadsheet, we’ve made the process to making shedloads of revenue quick and easy. Whether it’s our B2B mailing list, or the B2B company listings you have need of, you’ll be able to find a bite for just about everything. It’s easy when you can mass market so easily!

We’ve also made it effortless to keep up to date. So effortless in fact, that we do it all for you. See, we’ve been working on this product for over five years. Hundreds and hundreds of hours attending seminars, gathering names, contacts, and 100% accuracy data across thousands of health clubs. All masterfully compiled into this collection for you to keep. The best part? We don’t stop there. We keep it updated completely free of cost, so that advantage sticks with you for life!

So what situations will this come in handy?

It’s not hard to see all the possibilities this could be needed in your career!

  • Many health clubs are always looking for opportunities to collaborate. It’s the perfect chance to boost sales, not to mention wellness. Supplements and physical activities go together perfectly...
  • Looking to become an adviser for the sector? It’s much easier when you can get real time facts and figures from leaders of the industry, but sending mass mails at the touch of a button... Business marketing data has never been easier to obtain!
  • For those with a club of their own, it might just be the right opportunity to locate some prime real estate, and purchase another venue. With a listing and address of just about everywhere, you may find the right club owner just waiting at his phone for the call...

Whether your clients are just there to trim a couple of carbs, or whether it’s a full blown lifestyle for them, it’s easy to see why having all of their outlets at your fingertips can only help your cause. So what are you waiting for?

B2B Marketing... Think of all the ways you can use it to your advantage!

Health Newsletters

For health clubs, this is an even bigger one than other businesses, as they not only advertise themselves and events, but general fitness tips too! Its unsurprising that these are more likely to be read than your run of the mill marketing, just due to the client base you have! And when our mailing list allows you to simply plug in your audience and send, you’ll have yours in the public domain on a regular basis with ease!

Fitness E-Mails

If you’re successfully up and running already, you’ll have your own database of clients for this! But for those that don’t, use our B2B Mailing list to pinpoint and get hold of all the best in the industry. When a whole list of business email addresses at your disposal, a single sales pitch can simply be blasted to just about every club imaginable. It’s only a matter of time before you get your own way!

The Voice of the Company

Some businesses are digital. Some have a physical product. Not gyms. Everything about it is physical. And we guarantee almost all of those clubs have their own dedicated marketing teams ready to spot the very best opportunities. Don’t leave your killer deal to chance by concocting an email. Make them an offer they can’t refuse, and use our dedicated B2B database to locate the number for that awesome sales pitch.

Social Fitness!

Fitness club social media isn’t all about changing club fees and selling products. Fitness is a way of life, and even the biggest clubs have discussions going on between millions of passionate gym goers everywhere. Why not cash in on the action, and steer them in the right direction...?

Health in Health? Hand in Hand.

For those with other ways into the health industry, it’s always worth collaborating. Even the very best health foods and products need endorsements, and what better way to do that than to get a sponsorship from a gym? A gym, a place commonly seen as the pinnacle of human fitness? Think of the possibilities!

The perks of our Gyms and Fitness Club Email List:

Kick off your business advantage with instant access. All it requires is a confirmation of purchase and your digital download is yours to grab. No waiting around for the mailman. Just full access to a full product.

No lemons. There’s no hidden fees or processing costs. The price you are given is what you pay. And you’ll have your product updated by us on a regular basis. And it doesn’t cost a penny more!

We’ve got the utmost belief in our product. In fact, we’re so confident it can benefit you in ways you’d never have thought that we’ve even included a free sample, so you can see how we work for you!

For those purchasers in Europe, all of our products are GDPR compliant, so you’ll breathe easy knowing your offers have been sent through 100% vetted means!

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