Instagram Automation Tool

Grow Your Instagram Followers, Likes And Popularity Using The Most Powerful Instagram Bot‎ in 2018

Instagram marketing can be very demanding and take up a lot of time. Are you tired of posting hundreds of pictures and only getting a couple of followers every blue moon. Have you tried outsourcing Instagram marketing to freelancers but to no avail? At WowItLoveItHaveIt, we realise that as a business owner you are busy with making real business decisions. Here is where we come in. Our team of tech wizards have developed the most powerful Instagram bot for 2018 that will allow you to grow your Instagram presence on auto pilot. It is time to leave cloud-based Instagram Automation Services behind. Our Instagram automation tool is a standalone desktop software that is extremely easy to use and more importantly, it will not require you to share your login details on questionable cloud-based Instagram services.

A Quick Overview Of How Our Instagram Automation Tool Works

Our Instagram tool is fully packed with many cool features that will allow you to perform many tasks. Our Instagram Bot will allow you to follow and unfollow other users using hashtags, like posts from other users by hashtags, comment on posts using hashtags and performs other cool tasks. We have built up a very powerful layer of protection and have adopted many safeguards to ensure that your Instagram account never gets blocked. For example, you can add many different comments when commenting on Instagram pictures and the Instagram automation tool will then rotate through these comments and post them. This will ensure that every comment is unique and will keep the Instagram security filters at bay. We have also added delays and limits as to how many likes, post comments and follows you can make within a given space of time and total limits for the day. Our Instagram Bot runs in a separate Chrome browser window and you can see the activity at any time. You can leave your Instagram bot running on your laptop or VPS 24/7. We do not use any proxies. The Instagram bot will use your normal IP address and will perform all tasks locally. Our Instagram Bot will perform the same tasks that you would normally do yourself but on auto-pilot.

How the Most Powerful Instagram Automation Tool Will Help Your Business

Our Instagram software will target your potential target market with laser accuracy and precision. By interacting with users, you will be able to grow your followers, post likes and comments. By acquiring new followers from your niche, you will expand your audience and subsequently, your customers. Likewise, by growing your Instagram popularity, you will send out a message to your stakeholders that your business is popular. This "hype effect" as we have coined it will also have indirect effects such as other businesses wanting to partner up with you because you are popular.

Why Choose Our Instagram Automation Tool?

Our Instagram tool comes with a lifetime licence. We do not charge any monthly fees. You can use our Instagram automation tool however much you like and for as long as you want. Unlike other Instagram Marketing Software providers, our team is constantly updating our Instagram software, fixing bugs and improving its functionality. This way, you will always have an Instagram automation tool that is up-to-date and is loaded with the most powerful features on the market. Our excellent support team and helpful community will share their tips and tricks with you to help you to make the most out of your Instagram marketing.