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The Most Powerful Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation SoftwareSubmitting contact forms is one of the best ways of generating valuable leads for your business simply because 90% of contact forms go directly into the inbox. However, manual contact form submissions can indeed by a very laborious and lengthy process. We have developed a range of cutting-edge contact form submitters that will allow you to contact website owners on the most popular e-commerce websites such as Shopify and Wix. Our lead generation software is packed with many useful functions and protections that will allow you to submit contact forms on Wix, Shopify and other e-commerce stores in a click of a button and run on auto-pilot to generate valuable leads for your business. 

What Makes Our E-Commerce Contact Form Submitters the Best Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation SoftwareOur contact form submitter will allow you to scrape websites using a set of keywords. You can add as many keywords as you want and tell the software how many websites you would like to find for each keyword. The software will look for all websites built with Shopify, Wix and other e-commerce platforms and cumulatively add them to the list. We have built in many protective features that will allow you to add a delay to scraping and use proxies to prevent you from getting blocked by the search engines. Once the software has finished running, you will be able to remove all duplicate websites from the list as well as apply a filter to exclude urls not containing your keyword. You can then transfer these website urls to the poster and start submitting contact forms to these websites. You have an ability to add proxies, proxy rotation time and even delay between submitting each website contact form. This precautionary measure will allow the lead generation software to run without being blocked by e-commerce stores. We have even added an ability for you to use a decaptcha service to solve Google captchas when submitting contact forms. Alternatively, you can skip all contact forms that require captcha or opt to complete them manually. The contact form submitter will work in a separate Chrome Browser window and you will be able to see the progress for yourself. We went even further to add an automatic pop-up blocker and an age verifier for adult-related websites (i.e. vape shops). Our contact form submitter software will run on auto pilot to submit your message to hundreds or even thousands of e-commerce websites without requiring any input from you.

How Our Lead Generation Software Will Benefit Your Business

Lead Generation SoftwareMost of us know that e-mail marketing is extremely difficult to get right as most newsletters and e-mails end up in spam folders. We have to take into account factors such as the reputation of the SMTP server, blacklists, spam filters and so on. Our contact form submitter software will guarantee that the website owner will receive and read your contact form submission. You can use our contact form submitter for many purposes including sending out your promotion or offer, sending a request for guest blog posts and more. We have developed contact form submitters for the most popular and successful e-commerce platforms by taking into account the spending power and revenues of online stores on these platforms. Our contact form submitter software is extremely easy to use and comes with ample documentation and tutorial videos. Stop wasting your money in paying others for leads when you can generate leads for your business on auto pilot.