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Finding your Fortune: Online Gambling

Not everyone has the time to go to a casino for a flutter. The days of sitting down to watch the horse racing on a Sunday are more or less over.

It’s gone digital! And despite many countries restricting or banning online gambling entirely, it’s still a huge industry in those which do allow it. With 8,406 gambling shops and over 180,000 gaming machines in Great Britain, there’s a lot of scope for something new. If the odds can be taken, so can the money.

So what are the ins and outs of Online Gambling?

It’s worth billions. Set aside from the myriad of Las Vegas, online gambling is a whole new kettle of fish.

  • Gambling online is another gem of the instant gratification lifestyle we currently live in. Making money on the go!
  • It’s a fully regulated industry in most countries, and is difficult to make into a dishonest game.
  • Big money can be gambled and won, all from the comfort of your phone on the couch in your living room!

Who can it help?

So who can benefit from our growing encyclopaedia of dating media?

  • A newcomer to the industry, looking to take the world by storm.
  • An industry expert, looking to provide insight onto the best ways to maximise returns.
  • Professional gamblers looking for the perfect opportunities to win big!

Have a good look at our Online Gaming Email List!

You’re well on your way to doing all of the above! Our B2B Database has a lead to cover just about everything. Look at what’s included:

  • Names and websites of every gambling app and website currently in existence.
  • Email addresses for relevant departments on our B2B email list.
  • Telephone numbers and email addresses for all the head honchos behind the brand!
  • Links to all the hottest social media that’s getting people talking!
  • Much, much more.

Why choose us?

You don’t just buy a mailing list. You buy our expertise. You buy five years of industry experience. And all those seminars we have attended, research we’ve conducted using state of the art technology. You’re purchasing all of the tools you need to take your business to the very limits! Why? Because we’ve done all the running around and the hard work! And all you have to do is succeed.

And we don’t just stop there. We’re continuing to do it, and keeping your contacts and the B2B database constantly updated. Your B2B mailing lists are always in top form, and we don’t even charge a penny to keep it that way! Its your business, don’t settle for anything less than the best for it!

B2B Marketing, the easy way!

Gambling Newsletters

Sometimes you just need to get the word out about that up and coming, brand new game you’ve just set a launch date for. Why not gloss up a newsletter and get ready to wow? Well it’s been made even easier with our sales leads and contacts! Just plug in all the best ones, add them to the subscribers list, and hey, presto, that’s a whole bunch of filled tables. Well, digital tables!

Gambling Emails

Take it one further, and run promotions as digital as the industry you’re in! Everyone’s familiar with the old marketing email by now, so why not go one further then everyone else, and send out that mass marketing to people you know are going to lap it up and be excited by the prospect of engaging with you? Everything’s better when it’s targeted! What better way to do it than with every known avenue in the industry at your fingertips?

Fixed Odds Phone Calls

Sometimes, lounging back on the leather couch, or if you feel like it, sitting at a real roulette table, on the phone to someone at a digital one... Selling your deal with nothing but the sweet sound of your voice! Find backers easily when you’ve got the codes. Or the... phone numbers, as luck would have it.

Socially acceptable gambling

Remember the phrase, never tell me the odds? Well with our list of social media pages and our B2B Database, you’ll find out more than just the odds. You’ll have access to a wealth of information. What irks the customer. Which machines aren’t in fashion anymore. And what better way to attract business than by showing them that you’re listening?

All the Freebies behind our Online Gambling List

You get access to our product immediately upon purchase. No waiting for the digital vendor to come online. No waiting for the unscrupulous mailman who seems to find more and more ingenious ways of pretending you’re not in. After all, business is 24 hours, so why shouldn’t we be?

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Are you still not convinced? We’re surprised. So why not pick up our free sample and give our contacts a go for yourself? We guarantee you’ll be back for the finished product.

When it comes to your business and livelihood, expect nothing but the best. Pick up our Mailing List today!

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