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The Evolution of The Vape Market At A Glance: Why Vape Advertising & SEO is Becoming Extremely Important

Vape SEOBack in 2012, many critics and cautious investors were confident that the vaping marketing would prove to be nothing more but a bubble that would eventually burst. However, in 2018, the vape market has proved us anything but the above. The total number of e-juice brands has literally exploded. There are now thousands of different e-liquid brands from California, UK, Malaysia and almost every other country in every imaginable flavour: cream puff pastry, doughnuts, American cheesecake, Mango this and Mango that. Just go to your local vape shop and you will see new e-juice brands each time! It is enough to take a walk on Brick Lane to see vape shops on every corner of the street as entrepreneurs join on the bandwagon to cash in on the growth in vaping. This growth in the vape market does not come without its problems, however. A saturated vape market is great for the end-consumer who has the benefit of rock-bottom prices, but not so much for vape shop owners and e-liquid brands who are struggling to compete with the big players.

The Vape Regulations Are Continuing To Strangle and Suffocate Vape Advertising Avenues

Vape SEOPrior to the Tobacco Products Directive in the UK and the FDA regulations in the United States, vape shops and e-liquid brands could advertise their vape products using Facebook and Google ads as well as other media. However, since then, search engines and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have clamped down on vape advertising which has become a grey area that was pushed into the "tobacco" category despite the vape products being nothing like it. The challenge for most vape shops and e-liquid brands is how to advertise and rank on the search engines with these draconian restrictions in place. At Wow It Love It Have It, we have a range of innovative vape SEO and vape advertising packages that we have started developing when vape regulations were being mooted by the lawmakers and vocally discussed by the vaping community.

Why Our Vape SEO Packages are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Weapon for Vape Shops, E-Juice Wholesale Companies and E-Juice Brands

Vape SEOOver the last year, we have witnessed an exponential growth in the number of e-liquid brands, vape wholesalers and vape shops using our vape seo and vape marketing services in an effort to stay abreast of the competition. However, what sets us above all other vape SEO companies is the fact that we have a 90% client retention rate. We operate with the main objective of delivering results for our clients, which is a no-brainer why they choose to retain us for all of their vape SEO work. We are not just another SEO agency applying template solutions to vape companies. We take a very keen interest in the vaping industry by attending vape expos, we meet vape business owners and our entire team has over 5 years of experience in the vaping industry, including direct involvement in running vape shops and successful e-liquid brands. This knowledge allows us to apply a laser-focus to our SEO work and deliver solutions that are closely attuned to the latest developments in the vape industry. 

How Our Vape SEO Packages Can Help Your Business

Vape SEOAt Wow It Love It Have It, we offer a plethora of different vape seo packages developed to achieve different results. Our vape backlink package is the most effective weapon in our arsenal for boosting Google and Bing search engine rankings of vape shops, e-liquid brands, vape magazines and communities as well as vape wholesalers. Over the last five years, we have built up the industry's largest private network of vape blogs which now totals about 5,000 high domain authority blogs. In this day and age, backlinks remain one of the most important off-page ranking factors. In simple terms, a backlink acts as a vote of confidence from a search engine and the more quality backlinks you have, the greater your vape website will rank. Our backlinks have withstood all the latest Bing and Google search engine algorithm changes and are perfectly safe for ranking vape-related websites. We have also invested very heavily in developing cutting-edge lead generation techniques that are unique only to us. For local vape shops, we strongly recommend our lead generation websites. Our lead generation websites are the best way of targeting and bringing vapers to your vape shops by dominating local search results. In very basic terms, our lead generation websites have thousands of pages optimised for a keyword and all the zip code and city variations (i.e. vape shop in SW1 London). Each of these pages ranks on the top 10 stops of page 1 of Google without fail. When a vaper clicks on a link, they see your vape shop's website. This is achieved by adding an overlay to the lead generating website. If you do not have a website, we can create a landing page for you with your vape shop's image and contact details. Aside from these packages, we also have social media and vape e-mail marketing packages that form an important piece of the overall vape SEO puzzle. 

Getting Started with Our Vape SEO Packages

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