Monthly Vape SEO Package for Online Vape Shops

An Overview of our Monthly Vape SEO Package for Online Vape Shops

Our monthly vape SEO package is aimed at off-page SEO which means that we will not need to touch your website. This vape SEO package is aimed at online vape shops and e-liquid brands and is predominantly focused on vape backlinks and social media marketing.

What you will receive with this Vape SEO Package

Vape Blog Backlinks to Your Website

We run a network of over 5,000 vape blogs. All of our vape blogs have exceptionally strong domain metrics and will therefore pass a lot of link equity to your online vape shop. We will create unique content and add some YouTube vape reviews and e-liquid images to each blog post. In total, we will create around 1,000 backlinks to your website using a combination of branded, generic, keywords and naked anchor text to keep everything as natural as possible. Each vape blog is hosted on a different C class IP address, which ensures that there are no footprints. We do not interlink our vape blogs to keep things very natural. Once we have create the backlinks to your online vape shop, we will slowly index them with Google. Google will then start to rank your online vape shop. Your domain authority should also increase as a result of these links.

Social Signals for Your Vape Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Pages

We will take your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and send some shares and likes to them to increase your social media popularity as well as send social signals to Google which will tell Google that your online vape store is becoming popular. In conjunction with the backlinks, social signals are an important vape SEO ranking factor.

Why are social signals and vape backlinks important for Vape SEO and Google Rankings?

Quality and niche-related backlinks remain the cornerstone of Google rankings. A backlink from a niche related website will tell Google that your vape shop is becoming more popular as other vape sites are linking to it. Each backlink will pass "link juice" to your website which will help it to rank higher on Google.

Social signals are an important Google ranking element because they tell Google and other search engines that your website is popular amongst people! This, along with the backlinks will help your online vape shop to grow in traffic and sales!

What we need from you

Once you have ordered our vape seo package, simply send us your website url and up to 10 keywords that you would like to rank for. Our SEO wizards will then do the rest. Once the project is complete, we will send you a list of all backlinks.

What you can expect from our vape SEO package

  • Increase in Google search engine results page rankings
  • Increase in your website traffic
  • Increase in your domain authority
  • A boost in social media activity