Vape Company Facebook Promotion Package

Specialized Vape Company Facebook Promotion Package

How can I use Facebook to get the word out about my vape company?

Facebook has recently banned vape-related advertising on their social media platform. This makes it very difficult for vape, e-cigarette, and e-liquid shops to engage with customers through Facebook post likes and shares. Yet, this type of social media engagement remains important to effectively marketing vaping products. Each Facebook post and like creates social signals that drive visitors to your website and improve your vape SEO. Our talented team of social media experts can engage real people in your demographic to create likes, shares, and comments related to you vape business. Our professionals do not use fake Facebook accounts, bots, or any automated accounts. These methods of creating engagement do not work on Facebook, and as such we manually create content and spread it through associated Facebook groups with well-established communities. Ultimately, using our Specialized Vape Company Facebook Promotion Package will result in increased social media engagement for your online content.  

How are the Specialized Vape Company Facebook Promotion Packages created?

Our professional vape marketing team will create a kit personalized to your e-cigarette company. You choose the amount of Facebook posts you would like us to encourage likes towards, and how many likes total you would like across all the chosen posts. Once we have received your order, you will receive an email requesting this information.

Number of Posts