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Wine: Some surprising facts

Wine has been a passion of humankind for hundreds of years. Arguably perfected by the French, the perfect wine is often seen as a myth.

Though did you know that there are only 274 professional sommeliers in the world since the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam was introduced? For a species so proud of this chilled alcoholic beverage, it’s amazing to think how few of us are that knowledgeable about what makes it tick!

274 Sommeliers or not, it hasn’t stopped the industry being worth a staggering 302.02 billion dollars in 2017! And that’s expected to climb to 423.59 billion by 2023. It’s one of the most lucrative industries in the world!

How wine actually benefits us..

So for nothing more than a bottle of alcohol, what kind of benefits can it bring to be part of the industry?

  • It’s immensely profitable, with entire businesses set up just to make the grapes.
  • It feeds into several other industries, including restauranting and entertainment.
  • In some cases, it can even be an investment, with some bottles selling for more than $47,000 a piece!
  • Quite unusually, some health experts have even promoted a glass of red wine per day as a sign of good health!

Who can it help?

So you’re in the industry. Are you not sure how we can help?

  • For the budding wine merchant with their own brand in development.
  • For the successful shop looking to partner and merge.
  • For a merchant looking to maximise their wholesale profits
  • For the wholesaler looking for more outlets
  • Many, many more

Introducing our Wine Shop Email List!

No matter what your standing is in the world of wine and sweet grapes, you’ll find a whole host of useful information, such as

  • Business names for every vendor of wine in your country of choice!
  • Addresses for wholesalers and retail stores, giving you access at both ends of the chain!
  • Telephone numbers for those who favour the more charismatic approach to marketing!
  • Social media pages, both closed and open for all kinds of connection opportunities!
  • Much, much more.

Why choose us?

The B2B emailing lists we’ve poured our heart and soul into making for you come in a handy .csv excel spreadsheet, designed to make your life a whole lot easier when connecting with revolutionising the way you do business. When clients come this easy, it’s easy to see why you’d chose us.

And what’s even better is that as Wine shops close down, or vendors stop trading, they won’t appear on the list again. That’s right, we constantly update our records, working tirelessly to keep you ahead of the competition, so you don’t have to!

When might you have a distinct advantage?

Whether you’re promoting, growing, researching or simply looking for a new opportunity or market to break into you, you won’t be disappointed.

  • With a successful shop already in tow, why settle for mediocre profits when you can skyrocket them? Use our B2B leads to locate you a wholesaler which will compromise on price, but not on quality...
  • Looking for a gap in the market to bring your very own brand to the table? Use our Retail Mailing lists to get the word out, and canvas the experts to find out exactly what’s making the profits before you hit the market like an anvil!
  • Maybe you’re at the point of branching into your second, third, fourth store, on your way to becoming a chain. Use our B2B database to quickly identify the businesses in the perfect area you need and start the negotiations. The perfect takeover might be just a phone call away.

Cryptocurrency is a fast paced and quickly growing industry. And that’s what makes these details an absolute must have.

It’s already aided the growth of several currencies and allowed businesses and individuals alike to tap into this miniature goldmine of profit just waiting to be taken.

Think of all the ways you can take advantage of our B2B marketing strategies!

New Wine Newsletters

Perfect for the budding connoisseur of wine, the ability to publish all the fruity, bubbly details to a wealth of already engaged clients works wonders. Simply locate the contacts which bear the most relevance to your breaking news. Now use our no fuss, plug in and forget contacts list, and with the flick of a wrist and a tap of the mouse, that new bottle of bubbly is drawing eyes all around the country!

Winery Emails

You and I both have email addresses, and we’ve both probably complained about marketing emails. But with a touch of personalisation, and out B2B Email Marketing list at your fingertips, the net is so wide, that all it takes is a fraction of uptake, and you could just find the phone ringing non-stop for new orders. Especially when that new promotion of yours beats the competition hands down! And with all the discounts you made with your wholesaler, just think of the promotions...

Calling only the best!

Discounts and deals are seldom given by the written word. But when you’ve got the encyclopedia of contacts at your disposal to try and haggle the best deals, let’s face something... Approaching the one wholesaler you know gives you one chance. Why not have a hundred more? Just having the shot a hundred times gives you a hundred more chances to win, right?

Get into the discussion

Social media isn’t just a platform to be sold on. There might only be a few hundred sommeliers in the world, but that doesn’t stop wine being as ripe as the grapes its made from in terms of discussion. Find the best ones for you with our B2B Contacts, and build some leads for this fiercely debated topic.

Joint Wine!

No matter whether you’re at the top of the chain, or just starting out, sometimes teaming up with a unique way of working will do nothing but enhance your flavour. Not to mention your desirability as a whole! So use your contacts. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

The added bonuses of our Wine Email List:

Start selling and move on up in the world of sweet wine by getting instant access the moment your payment is processed. Pick your country and you’re all set!

No hidden fees. Don’t fall for other products which conceal their monthly subscriptions behind small print. Our updates are free for the lifetime of the product!

Grab a page of our free samples, and start getting involved. See what our amazing contacts can do before you grab the full listing!

Quite simply, we’re the best at what we do!

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