SEO Software Affiliate Program

The Best Lead Generation, Marketing and SEO Software Affiliate Program!

At WowItLoveItHaveIt, we offer the best paid SEO software affiliate program that will generate the best ROE on your affiliate marketing endeavours! All of our SEO software is highly unique and not widely available on the market which gives us a real USP over other SEO software companies. Our SEO and lead generation software is very competitively priced which is more likely to result in a sale than selling more expensive software that marketers and website owners are less likely to buy. We take every effort to regularly update and maintain our marketing software which is another factor that helps us to attract new and retain existing clients. You will see that our marketing software is exceptionally easy to use, which in turn makes it suitable for ordinary lay people and experienced marketers alike. There are plenty of guides and online reviews of our software which makes it very easy to learn how to use each software! Currently, we have SEO software for boosting social signals for SEO. The software essentially makes thousands of posts from hundreds of social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + and many more! These software are extremely powerful and spam-free. Moreover, you will not find such software on the market which is yet another factor that gives us a real competitive edge over the competition. You will find that we are very selective with our affiliates since we want to preserve our brand and image. We carefully sift through several hundred affiliate applications every month and only approve those that can demonstrate a real following, online presence and a hunger to succeed.

Here is how our SEO software affiliate program works

All you have to do is sign up, get approved by us and then incorporate our marketing material on your website, blog, newsletter campaigns, social media posts, emails, videos and other media! We recommend that you use a combination of marketing channels to get the best return from our affiliate scheme. For example, if you run a website or a blog, you could begin by incorporating our marketing banners on your website. This will help you to monetise every visitor and turn them into paying visitors! The next thing you could do is write a blog post about our software and include a banner or a link inside the content. This will help you to build trust with your website visitors by endorsing our products. If you do newsletter and email marketing, you could send out a promotional email to your subscribers with an offer to purchase our software. This is a great way to tap into your subscribers and turn them into paying visitors. People usually like when you are recommending someone else other than yourself as this creates an image of impartiality and neutrality to an extent. If you have an active social media following then why not make some posts with our SEO software offers! Simply use the affiliate link in each post and watch the earnings stream in. Another simple thing that is often overlooked by many affiliates is the fact that YouTube software reviews can prove to be extremely powerful and rewarding. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and therefore, a review of our software will help users to understand how different SEO and marketing software work. We find that this method is highly effective for generating good affiliate revenue. Otherwise, there are plenty of other affiliate marketing strategies that you could employ and your experience, willingness to learn and creativity will dictate your success level.

How much money can I expect to make with your marketing software affiliate scheme?

This is the most important question that affiliates ask us time and time again. And the honest answer is the sky is the limit. We have affiliates who make nothing simply because they do not do anything. Other affiliates make anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 a month! Our most successful affiliate is making around $40,000 a month because they have managed to build very good relationships with SEO and marketing agencies who are purchasing hundreds of software licence keys to scale their marketing and seo projects for their clients.

Who should I target with the seo software affiliate offer

You can target virtually anyone! For example, our Instagram management software can be targeted to virtually anyone: business owners, website owners and even individuals. The reason for that is because our Instagram management software is extremely easy to use and requires no marketing or software knowledge. It is more or less plug and play. Our Instagram software is great for websites, businesses and people who want to increase their Instagram presence and followers. On the other hand, our lead generation and social signals software is more suitable for business owners, marketers and seo agencies as they are a little bit more specialist in nature but are nonetheless very easy to use!

What makes us different?

Unique and one-of-a-kind software: our marketing, seo and lead generation software is totally unique and were created to address a problem in the market. For example, we have created the first Shopify product reviewer, Shopify contact form submitter, Wix contact form submitter, social signals software and many others. Whilst there are some Yellow Pages scraping software out there, we have built the most user friendly and powerful Yellow Pages extraction software that can automatically scrape hundreds of keywords and save them as separate files on a complete auto pilot! Now, this is a feature you will not have seen elsewhere.

We are one of the highest paying SEO and lead generation software affiliate program providers: whilst other SEO software will pay you peanuts. We believe in incentivising our affiliates by paying the highest rates on the market.

We update and maintain our software: there are hundreds of SEO software out there. What sets us above from the rest is the fact that we update our software. This leads to a lot of repeat purchases from our existing clients who purchase multiple licence keys with a view to scaling their SEO activity. Once our clients see how great and effective our marketing software is, they always come back for more licence keys.

Excellent customer support: we provide our clients with exceptional support and guidance. We are regularly making podcasts, we write blog posts and send out regular newsletters with a view to educating our clients and helping them to succeed with their marketing endeavours. This is something you will not see with other marketing software providers.

The Icing on the cake

Aside from marketing software, we also provide B2B sales leads for over 10,000 industries and 15 countries. This will provide you with another revenue stream. The sheer appeal of our leads is enormous. Just think about it, every business that sells to business customers will inevitably need sales leads. Marketing our B2B sales leads is another great way for you to diversify your marketing channels and maximize your affiliate revenue!

We believe that we have made our case. Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about our products. If you are ready, take the next step and apply for our lead generation and seo marketing software affiliate scheme and start making the big bucks!