B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands And Vape Wholesalers

B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands And Vape Wholesalers 

Vape and E-cigarette technology are here to stay and the industry they're a part of is growing bigger and bigger. Current market projections have the industry growing at a 19% rate until it finally reaches an estimated worldwide revenue of $46.9 billion by 2025. This blooming industry has tons of competition in its sector, and the market is ripe for even more people to get involved. These hungry new businesses need all the help they can get, and that means you need to reach them. They need your business.

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B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands And Vape Wholesalers

The B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, and Vape Wholesalers is the fastest and best way to get in touch with this exploding business. With over ✔️ 38,000 listings in the Vape industry, this list is also rigorously verified and all information was gathered directly from sources at vape expos and our partners within the industry. Perfect for e-mail marketing and promotional materials, this is the finest way to break into a massive, exciting, and incredibly insular niche. No matter your service, no matter your message, this Email Marketing List is the best way to reach the businesses you really want, and the ones who really need you.

Reach over ✔️ 38,000 vape shops, vape wholesalers, e-liquid brands and vape companies with our B2B Email Marketing List. Our B2B mailing list is accurate, cleaned, complete and covers most vape businesses around the world. The B2B Data List of vape companies is available as an IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD in a notepad file. The B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Companies combines e-mail addresses for vape shops, vape wholesalers, e-liquid brands, online vape shops and other vape companies around the world. It is ideal for newsletter campaigns, e-mail campaigns and direct communication with vape businesses. Our B2B Mailing List has been cleaned using a rigorous e-mail verification procedure to reduce the bounce rate. All of our vape business e-mail addresses have been gathered from business cards acquired at vape exhibitions, our partners from the vape industry, Google Maps verified data and other sources. Our B2B Mailing List of Vape Businesses is perfect for reaching thousands of vape businesses around the world in a click of a button. Simply upload the vape e-mail addresses to your customer list and start sending newsletters immediately. Our B2B vape mailing list is an easy and hassle-free way of reaching over 30,000 vape businesses in a click of a button. Many of our customers reported an astonishing increase in sales following a few newsletter campaigns.

Worldwide sales of e-cigarettes from online vape shops alone are estimated to be $650 million in 2018. America makes up over 42% of the world’s vaping population. With this growth market on an explosive trajectory, getting in contact with the companies on the forefront of this booming market guarantees your company solid growth as well. With the constant inquiries, customers and new product being rolled out, these shops and wholesalers don’t have time to research deals and services they could use to grow their business efficiently and exponentially. They need every second of time to manage their growth, product and customers. And they need their dollars to stretch as far as possible to keep every new piece of technology and new flavor in stock.

Our B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, and Vape Wholesalers gives you direct access to them. It lets you reach over 38,000 shops, brands and wholesalers in the US. You’ll have more than just email access. You’ll have thousands of stores, wholesalers and brand social media profiles, websites, phone numbers and business records.  You will have maximum exposure and will optimize your message to your potential clients over all mediums. They will finally have the offers, services and promotions they need to push their brand or shop to the front of the pack.

Contact over ✔️ 38,000 shops, brands and wholesalers across the United States using our accurate and verified B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, and Vape Wholesalers. Use our Email Mailing List of B2B Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands, and Vape Wholesalers for Email Marketing, Direct Mail and Telemarketing. ✔️ INSTANT DOWNLOAD ✔️ FREE LIFETIME UPDATES ✔️ NO SUBSCRIPTIONS.

B2B Email Marketing List of Vape Shops, E-Liquid Brands And Vape Wholesalers


Read our compliance statement to learn why our B2B vape shop leads are compliant with GDPR, PECR and other data protection and privacy laws.

Vape Company E-Mail List - Update Log

14 January 2019

Version 3.1.0 of the email list was released. Over the last month, our team has added new vape shops and vape wholesale and distro companies from all over the world. We have cleaned the entire vape email list to remove all emails with syntax errors, abandoned domains and closed down inboxes. The list now has around 39,000 vape company emails.

24 December 2018

The entire list has been scrubbed by removing non-resolving (abandoned) domains and mail boxes. New vape suppliers and vape shops have been added.

7 December 2018

The entire email list has been scrubbed from top to bottom using our 3-stage email verification process. Some new vape wholesaler and distributor emails have been added. All defunct emails (non-resolving domains and abandoned inboxes) were removed.

1 December 2018

Around 500 new emails have been added and the entire email list has been cleaned.

20 November 2018

Our vape company e-mail list has undergone our three-level cleaning procedure whereby emails with non-resolving domains and defunct inboxes have been removed. New emails (around 500) of online and brick-and-mortar vape shops have been added.

11 November 2018

The entire email list has been cleaned and there is a total of approximately 40,000 vape emails.

4 November 2018

We have added just over 1,500 new e-mail addresses for online vape shops, e-juice brands, e-liquid wholesalers and distributors, vape mod manufacturers, brick-and-mortar vape stores and cbd retailers. We have conducted a three-level clean of the entire list to remove emails with 1) syntax errors; 2) non-working domains and 3) non-working email inboxes. The current email count is over 40,000.

28 October 2018

We have added around 1,000 new emails for online vape shops, brick-and-mortar vape stores, e-liquid brands, vape wholesalers and manufacturers. We have performed a major health check for all the emails in the list using a three-tier system: 1) we have checked all emails for syntax errors; 2) we have verified all the domains and 3) we have performed a check to make sure that the email inboxes are active.

18 October 2018 

The entire vape company list has been cleaned. We have added 2,000 new vape company e-mails which includes vape wholesalers, online vape shops, e-juice brands and more.

24 September 2018 

Added 1,000 new e-mails for vape shops in France.

21 September 2018

removed vape companies that have gone out of business or changed their domains. Added new e-mails of vape shops, e-liquid wholesalers and distributors, e-juice manufacturers, CBD stores and many more! The entire vape company e-mail list has grown from 35,000 to over 38,000 e-mails!

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