Best GSA SER Verified Lists for 2019

Best GSA SER Verified Lists For 2019

We use GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER) for our own marketing purposes. We are running GSA SER on a very powerful dedicated server and are constantly accumulating new sites. With this package, you will receive our entire list of verified sites for all platforms.

What You Will Receive

You will receive a file with separate notepad .txt files with verified sites for all the platforms. 

Why Use GSA SER Verified Lists

We personally know just how long scraping of new website targets can take. Scraping can be very slow and reduce the rate at which you are creating backlinks for your website. Luckily, we run a very powerful monster dedicated server that allows us to scrape GSA SER target websites extremely quickly. By uploading your GSA SER list of verified websites into your verified sites list folder, you will be able to start creating links right away without the need to engage in painstakingly slow scraping process. We use millions of keywords to scrape GSA SER targets on a daily basis to ensure that we catch as many sites as possible.

What Makes Us Different


Quick Stats at a Glance

Below is a list of platforms on GSA SER and an approximate number of websites for each platform. Please note: these are approximate numbers which will fluctuate as we update the list each time.

  • sitelist_Article-BuddyPress - 4918
  • sitelist_Article-Drupal - Blog - 19703
  • sitelist_Article-EasyBlog - 7942
  • sitelist_Article-Joomla K2 - 2735
  • sitelist_Article-PHPWeb - 473
  • sitelist_Article-SupeSite - 3307
  • sitelist_Article-Wordpress Article - 122,071
  • sitelist_Blog Comment-Blogspot - 92,234
  • sitelist_Blog Comment-Drupal - Comment - 10,707
  • sitelist_Blog Comment-General Blogs - 13,968
  • sitelist_Forum-Discuz - 1228
  • sitelist_Forum-XenForo - 2635
  • sitelist_Indexer-Whois or Statistics - 42332
  • sitelist_URL Shortener-URL Redirect - 12146

Other platforms have 10 to a couple of hundred links. We have only included the platforms with slightly bigger numbers.


April 2019 - fresh lists have been added in a separate folder. I have also added a list of successfully submitted links (but not verified). I feel that these links are important and have a fairly good approval rate so long as you are not posting outright spam. Equally, successfully submitted but not approved links also have a lower OBL (outgoing backlink profile) which is better for SEO. I have started using Xevil by Xrumer and if you are not already using it, I would strongly recommended it for a yet greater success rate, especially where Google image captcha is involved.

March 2019 - new lists have been added from servers 1 to 5 capturing all the latest websites. I have bought another two powerful servers. This has allowed me to build more extensive and comprehensive lists much faster.

February 2019 - added verified GSA SER lists from two different dedicated servers that have been running for over 12 months now. You should import all the files inside both folders into your GSA SER campaigns. I am now running a third dedicated server and it is coming up with many new websites! I will upload these during the next update.