Extra Powerful Vape Backlinks for Vape Shops

What is a vape PBN backlink, and how can it help you market your e-cigarette business online?

Backlinks are similar to citations found in non-fiction books. They are references to your website, made by other websites that drive traffic to your online content. The more substantive and qualitative backlinks a website has the better search results your site will receive. However, finding reputable backlinks from e-cigarette sites can be very difficult. Without qualitative references by well-respected websites your online business will suffer. Our E-Cigarette Backlink Package contains substantive, reputable backlinks that can help you improve your websites search-ability.


What is in our effective SEO package for vape and e-cigarette websites?

Marketing e-cigarettes is an aggressive industry. Our PBN vape backlink package is meant for e-cigarette businesses who want to optimize their websites to appear above their competition. We personalize our vape backlink packages to your specific needs by using keywords provided by you to create high-quality backlinks from our arrangement of top-ranked vape, e-liquid and e-cigarette websites to yours.

Here is an example of what you receive with our effective Vape SEO package.

How does our arrangement of top-ranked vape, e-juice and e-cigarette websites drive traffic to your vape site?

Creating reputable references to your site, requires an arrangement of well-respected websites and blogs. We create and maintain this vast array of websites with rich multi-media content such as videos, infographics, and online reviews. These established blogs link to your site using terms related to the keywords that you have chosen. Additionally, we have a rich collection of multi-media content available to add interactive elements to our posts which will increase the number of visitors seeing the links from our e-cigarette site to yours.

The most effective links to your site will appear as if they were created organically, as opposed to included strategically. To ensure this we use both in-line text to reference your company name and website, in addition to branded content. We also use social media traffic and references to increase the visibility of our websites (and your links) to Google, Bing etc. When a customer using a search engine to look for a website or product, the large search engines present a list of search results in order of most mentioned and visited. A website that is mentioned on multiple unique sites, is ranked more highly in search results than a website that has multiple links on one site. This is where our arrangement of established websites has an advantage. Each of our qualitative sites are unique down to the server and IP address, which means search engines treat them as separate entities and thus award them more credibility. In turn, this will drive more visitors to your site and by virtue of our qualitative references increase your website’s search engine credibility. Our arrangement of websites is updated daily, and the search engine ranking of each of our vaping blogs is increasing every-day.

What you will receive with your extra powerful vape backlinks package

  • 1,000 contextual PBN vape backlinks from high DA vape and e-juice blogs
  • Safe anchor text ratio
  • Indexing of your vape backlinks with Google

Click here to view an example vape blog from our vape PBN.

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