GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified List of Website Contact Form URLs

GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified Email List (Successful) - Over 2 Million Contact forms Websites

GSA WEBSITE CONTACT is one of the best website scraper and contact form submitter. I like to use it to promote my affiliate offers, guest posting and promotion of my products.

However, scraping websites can take a very long time and you would need a very powerful dedicated server to be able to run the software at many threads. I have been using the GSA WEBSITE CONTACT form submitter on my uber powerful servers for months now. I am running many campaigns at almost 2,000 threads. I have managed to scrape hundreds of thousands/millions of websites.

I have exported the contact form urls that were successfully sent. If you would like to save yourself the time from having to scrape target websites, then this list of emails is ideal for you. I have only saved the successful urls in .CSV files for every project. I am only using the GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER with this contact form submitter.

I have scraped website contact form urls for hundreds of niches, including:
  • ecommerce
  • fashion
  • cryptocurrency
  • finance
  • real estate
  • oil and gas
  • legal
  • escort
  • adult
  • vape
  • tobacco
  • banking
  • SEO and marketing
  • software
  • casino and gambling
  • CBD
  • Clothing and apparel
  • All types of blogs
  • payday loans
  • food industry
  • entertainment

How will this GSA WEBSITE CONTACT Verified Contact Form URL list will help you

Save yourself time and resources: these website contact form url list contains only the websites to which the software was able to successfully submit a message via contact forms. You will not need to waste time on scraping sites and attempt to submit a message to each one. From experience, I can say that the software is not able to submit messages via contact forms to a vast majority of the scraped sites, which in turn wastes a lot of time and CPU resources on these unsuccessful attempts.

Very cheap: my GSA WEBSITE CONTACT verified contact form URL list is extremely cheap. I am doing this for my businesses so there is no harm in sharing. All the sales revenue goes towards the cost of my dedicated servers.

FREE lifetime updates: I do not charge monthly fees for updates to the list. Upon purchase of this contact form urls list, you will get free lifetime updates delivered by the system directly to your inbox. Whenever a new update comes along, it will be sent to your inbox with a download link.

Targeted List: you can still apply filters to your contact form submissions and the GSA WEBSITE CONTACT software will go through all of the verified URLs and only submit to those matching your filters.

Instructions: How to Import Verified URLs into Campaigns:

To import these verified urls into your project, simply:

1) right click on a campaign (once you have created one);
2) Select "Import URLs"
3) Select "from file"
4) Select the text document file from this folder.

How to Import Verified URLs into Campaigns

You are ready to go!

P.S. Do not forget to extract all the files from the download file using WIN RAR or WIN ZIP extraction software!

If you haven't already read my guide to using GSA Website Contact effectively, I recommend that you go through it to get the most out of this awesome software!


March 2021 - Version 1.3 Released

In this update, we have added a bunch of new websites and removed non-resolving domains and urls that are no longer producing a successful send. We have removed many spammy web 2.0 properties that hold no value.

March 2021 - Version 1.2 Released

In this update, the GSA website contact verified list now has circa 2 million website contact form urls. We have removed all the non-resolving and dead websites from the previous list and added brand new websites. All urls were scraped using ALL search engines. We have removed all web 2.0 and other spammy sites that have no value.

December 2020 - Core Update - Version 1.1 Released

After this update, the GSA website contact verified list now has a total of over 1.8 million verified websites with contact form pages. The previous list has been completely replaced because a lot of websites have either expired or simply changed. The entire list of circa 2 million websites has been checked for quality. We have removed all known litigators, phishing and spammy sites (PBNs, web 2.0s, etc.) from our list by running it against an extensive suppression list. The current list is very fresh and will allow you to gain a competitive advantage in a short space of time. By using my servers, new keyword lists and private proxies, I have gone much deeper than most providers (who tend to use public proxies). I have personally used this list and have gotten an unprecedented success rate. As always, I recommend that you use captcha solving software such as XEvil.

May 2020 - Covid-19 CORONAVIRUS update to the GSA Website Contact Submitter Verified List

This has been a major update to the GSA Website Contact verified list of website contact form pages. During the testing phase of our previous GSA website contact verified list, we have noticed that a lot of websites have closed down as the domains would not resolve. This may well point to the fact that many businesses have gone out of business during the Covid-19 pandemic and many webmasters may have failed to renew their domains due to the lockdown and not being able to come into the office (these are just our conclusions from what we have observed). We have run website contact on a high-spec server for over 3 million keywords across all major business niches and micro niches. We have managed to harvest a significantly higher number of new websites then we would during a routine update. This may point to the fact that during the Coronavirus pandemic many people who would normally go inside an office are staying at home and possibly have more time to start up their own websites. One positive thing of this unprecedented growth in the number of new websites is the fact that you will be able to contact fresh websites that have not been spammed to death. For the best results, we recommend that you use XEvil remote captcha solving desktop software. Inside the GSA Website Contact Verified List you will find all urls (over 7 million of them) and a targeted list of roughly 1.5 million with website contact form urls containing the keyword "contact". We have noticed that websites generally contain website contact forms in random places on the home page as well as designated contact form pages. We have also noticed that website admins are also changing the location of contact forms on their sites.

April 2020

Version 1.0.8 has been released. This has been a major update because we have scraped a brand new list of websites. We have added over 2 million contact form urls (domains containing "contact" in them) and over 5 million mixed domains (with and without contact forms). The reason why we have made a decision to add a large list of mixed sites is because a lot of the time, contact forms are found on the home page. We have split up the contact form url list according to TLDs just in case you want to geo-target the websites. We have also tested all the domains by doing an alive check on them to ensure that they are all resolving. We have removed all the spammy websites such as subdomains and PBNs. The entire GSA Website Contact Form Submitter Software list has been tried and tested. It is highly recommended that you use XEvil decaptcha software for solving Google re-captchas. A lot of websites are using Google recaptcha so it is advisable that you purchase XEvil from Botmaster Labs.

March 2020

Version 1.0.7 has been released. We have added roughly 100,000 new websites and cleaned the entire list by doing an alive check on every single url to get rid of non-resolving domains.

February 2020

Version 1.0.6 has been released. The total number of websites now stands at over 2 million which is an increase by about 200,000 websites since the last update. We have cleaned the entire list to remove all non-resolving domains. We have also been running a custom built scraper with thousands of private proxies to scrape new websites. We have removed all the websites not containing "contact" in the url because other urls were product pages and blog posts. We noticed that GSA Website contact was leaving our message on product reviews and blog comments so we removed all urls that are not contact form urls. This will increase the speed at which the contact form submission software works and will also increase the success rate and save you a lot of time. We strongly recommend that you consider buying XEvil Remote Captcha Solving Software from Botmaster Labs as a lot of the website contact forms have Google image captchas.

October 2019

Version 1.0.4 has been released. The total website contact form url count is just over 2 million. Each url has "contact" in it to guarantee the best delivery rate. We have prepared one master file for direct uploading into your GSA Website Contact Form Submitter. We have also prepared a folder with split files should you want to upload the contact form urls in smaller batches. The entire verified list incorporates websites from virtually all niches. We have also split the entire file according to Top-level domains (TLDs) (domain extensions such as .com,, .ca, etc). This will allow you to target specific countries and regions. There may be some websites that you do not wish to contact, i.e. .gov, .edu and so on.

August - September 2019

Version 1.0.3 has been released. Around 300,000 new websites were added and the entire list now stands at around 1.8 million website contact form urls. This new list incorporates websites that have the "contact" suffix in the urls. Other urls were removed because a lot of them are product and blog post pages that will simply leave a comment or a review rather than contact the website admin. I strongly recommend that you use this list with GSA captcha breaker and XEvil by Botmaster Labs (solves Google captchas) to get the best results.

July 2019

Version 1.0.2 has been released. In this version, I have added more website contact urls with urls that contains the word "contact" and its variants. I find that the software performs better when posting to "contact" form designated pages. Otherwise, the software subscribes to newsletters and submits blog comments which is great for backlinks but not for our current purpose of contacting websites. The GSA Website Contact list currently has approximately 1.5 millions urls with the words "contact" in them. I have also removed all the non-working sites from the previous list.

April - May 2019

I have added cleaner urls where the domain contains the word "contact" in order to increase the success rate. I have also noticed that a lot of websites are using Google image captchas so I would strongly recommend that you consider getting XEvil and Xrumer in order to solve the Google captchas for free. GSA Captcha Breaker can be run in conjunction with XEvil but GSA Captcha Breaker cannot decode Google image captchas. The new lists with urls containing "contact" in them can be found in version 1.0.1 whilst all the other urls are in the version 1.0.0.

16 March 2019

The entire list of successful website contact form urls has been increased to just over 3.2 million. I have bought several more servers so the speed of scraping has gone up significantly as can be seen by the latest number.

February - March 2019

I have added all the latest successful website contact urls and there are now just under 3 million website contact urls to which GSA WEBSITE CONTACT software was able to send a message successfully (using only the captcha breaker from GSA). For convenience, I have also split up the master file into smaller files and added them to a separate folder. You can choose to upload the master file or the smaller files individually. Sometimes, it may be better to upload the broken down files one at a time to prevent the software from crashing. However, both the master text file and the broken down files are the same thing.