Jewellery Stores Global B2B Database with Emails

Jewelry Stores Email List and Jewelry Contacts Directory

 Our Jewelry Stores Email List consists of contact details for virtually every jewellery store across all states in USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia. Our Jewelers Database contains emails, addresses, phone numbers, social media links, websites and much more. Ideal for B2B marketing. FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. Our Jewelry stores email list comes in separate Excel files divided according to the geographic locations of jewellery stores: UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia and the rest of the world.

Our Global Database of Jewelry Shops is ideal for jewelry designers and wholesalers or anyone else looking to sell to jewelry shops across the world. Our Database of Jewellery Stores has been created from multiple sources such as the most popular search engines, Google maps, business directories and social media sites and is meant to save you time and money.

Once you have purchased our Database of Jewellery Stores, you will receive access to the latest database of jewellery shops inside your member's area which will be available to download. All future updates will be automatically located inside your member's area.

Approximate Breakdown of Global Jewelery Stores Database

  • Europe: 3,500 entries
  • United States: 6,300 entries
  • Rest of the World: 30,000 entries

Sample Data from Our Jewellery Stores Database

The below screenshot is just a brief sample of how our data is presented inside the jewellery business database. There are more fields further along (the screen capture could not capture it in one frame). The database covers the following fields:

  • Website
  • Email Address
  • Tel No.
  • Address
  • Social Media Links
  • Some additional data that we used to scrape the database

SAMPLE 1 - Jewellery Stores Global B2B Database with Emails

Jewellery Stores Global B2B Database with Emails

SAMPLE 2 - Jewellery Stores Global B2B Database with Emails

Jewellery Stores Global B2B Database with Emails 2

How We Created Our Jewelery Stores Database

Let us start off by saying that we do not re-purchase B2B leads from other suppliers, we create and update our own database of jewellery stores using our proprietary search engine scraper, thousands of private proxies, fast internet, uber powerful servers and our trained data professionals. We have scraped the jewelery store marketing data from all the major search engines, maps, social media and business directories. We have used many targeted keywords and locations of every country and city. We have divided our database into three separate files: USA, Europe and the rest of the world. We are confident that our database is the most extensive and comprehensive jewelery store B2B marketing list in the world. We are constantly updating our database by scraping for new jewellery stores and businesses 24/7. Whenever we feel that there is a substantial number of new jewellery businesses, we add those to the database and upload it onto our server. The latest updates will be accessible in your member's area, so make sure to check it on a regular basis.

Ways in which you can use the Jewellery Business Data

  • Newsletters
  • Telesales
  • Emails
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Guest Posting to Improve your website's SEO (this is a very good way of doing a guest blogger outreach to targeted sites to improve your brand's exposure and quality backlink profile)

A Quick Overview of the Global Jewellery Store Database with E-Mail Addresses

You will receive a global jewellery store database with e-mail addresses. The jewelry database comes in an Excel .csv format and covers most English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. The database contains the following contact details for jewellers and jewellery stores: websites, emails, addresses, telephone numbers and social media links.

This marketing list is ideal for all sorts of B2B marketing, including e-mail and newsletter marketing, social media campaigns, direct mail, telesales and other channels. This database is especially popular with jewellery designers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors who are looking for more selling channels.

You will receive free lifetime updates. We update our databases very regularly.

This B2B marketing list was created using the Search Engine Scraper by Creative Bear Tech, one of the most powerful search engine scrapers on the market with an ability to harvest niche-relevant B2B leads. All the scraping is done on our powerful dedicated servers and a pool of thousands of private dedicated proxies.

The database is GDPR compliant. Please read our GDPR policy.

Jewelry Stores Email List and Jewelry Contacts Directory

Jewellery Stores: An Overview

Jewellery isn’t just about shiny metals and plenty of money. For some of us, it’s sentimental. How many of you wear an engagement ring on a day to day basis? It might come as a shock to you, but in the United States alone, the jewellery trade was worth $34.63 billion in 2017.

And despite the economic downturn of the last decade, precious metals just keep continuing to rise in value. There’s a very good reason why countries like the US invest in gold for their Federal reserves. Why trust Fiat Money when gold is such a stable commodity? This in itself bears all the ‘hallmarks’ of an award winning industry just waiting for you to get a slice of!

How does Jewellery help?

Precious metals and jewels have a stable value. Markets across the world rise and fall as international markets move beside each other. When the US economy crashes, the rest of the world feels it. But metals have a set value.

Who can it help?

So who exactly might benefit from our greatest collection of contacts in the industry? After all, we’ve got our own dedicated men and women, armed with cutting edge technology, to collect relevant contacts and compile them into this superb archive; the result of five years of hard work. Well, here’s who:

  • Budding entrepreneurs looking to step into the market
  • Experts in market research – Cut the finding in half and have the contacts at your fingertips!
  • Investors – Maybe you’re looking to hold your own gold supply to weather the economy...
  • Jewellery makers – Have your own production company? Know exactly who to sell to.

Introducing our targeted Jewellery Store Mailing List

Whether you’re just starting out, buying and reselling gold, or whether you want to turn that successful business into an international success, you’ll  find all of the following included in this unique package:

  • Names and Addresses of Jewellery stores big and small across five major countries
  • E-mail addresses and contact details for almost every single one of them!
  • Telephone numbers and direct dials to net you those deals.
  • Links to social media pages across all the major platforms
  • Much, much more.

Why choose us?

Our mailing lists have been made simple, coming readily formatted into an Excel .csv spreadsheet, and even come grouped by country of your choice so that you can tailor your campaign for the locale of your choice.

And it’s not just a one-off purchase. This product comes with full support and periodic updates. This way, you’ll know that as companies fade, and individuals fall from the industry, you’ll still have the latest version. What’s even better, that support is completely free.

The applications of our Jewelry Stores Email List

So what exactly can you do with our extensive B2B mailing list? Well mainly, send your sales into orbit! You see, it’s not just selling to customers that nets you sales.

  • Produced your very own brand of necklace ready for production but lacking for where to sell it? Access the comprehensive B2B Lists we provide, and you’ll have a wealth of potential clients in minutes!
  • Are you lucky enough to have a sizeable startup and want to cash in on buying unwanted Gold? Set up a retail mailing list and start getting the lay of the land. You’ll find out whether your money will be well spent before laying down the funds with effortless market research!
  • Looking to maximise your profits by finding the best wholesalers? Why stick to one when you’ve got the virtually definitive guide to every single one, and getting the best quality, for the best price?

Jewellery is fast becoming more than just a precious metal to wear on your finger. It’s an extremely expensive industry which has stood the test of time, and it’s only been growing for an entire decade. There’s no better time to cash in.

Our product has already headed countless small, fledgling businesses increase their profits through efficiency. After all, efficiency is productive laziness!

Using our Database of Jewellery Stores to your advantage


Newsletters aren’t always about the new hallmarks, warnings of conflict diamonds,  and grim forecasts of an industry which has none. With this comprehensive list of contacts, dropping those names and addresses into the subscribers means undercutting the competition with a herculean news blast has never been easier!


Emails are tried and tested. Everyone who’s ever owned an email address has received advertising through this mass digital media. Harness it! With access to digital communications of every jewellery store in your selected country, what could be better than knowing you’ve got your promotion and ideas to every single one of them from the comfort of your bed, while they’re on the way to work in the pouring rain again?


In a world that’s becoming more and more impersonal, sometimes the magic touch is to bring the intimacy of the business deal back in play. And with a list of every phone number imaginable, there won’t be a single person in the trade you couldn’t reach. You never know, you might just score the deal with of a lifetime with a smile, and a friendly telephone voice. It’s twenty-four carat success.


Social Media is, well, just that, social! And it’s not just friends and family with their own pages. Did you know that social media is very quickly becoming the most popular way for customers to leave feedback to businesses. And that nearly half of all customers now expect a reply to their queries on the same day? It might be widely popular, but every cloud has a silver lining, and that’s reaching out to future customers, experts, and businesses in a universally acceptable platform!


Sometimes, even the brightest idea needs the backing of others. Think of that $43 billion dollars up for grabs each year from the industry. Imagine just 0.1% of it being used to promote your new idea. If $43 million of promotion by collaborating with the industry giants doesn’t make your stomach feel giddy, then nothing will. So get collaborating. It’s never been easier with our B2B contacts!

The perks of our Jewelry Stores Email List, Jewelry Stores Leads, Email Mailing List of Jewelers and Jewelry Stores

By picking up our product, you’ll have access to your download immediately upon payment. No waiting to get started. Your B2B sales lead will be available straight away, so you can spend less time dreaming, and more time doing.

No monthly fees. Don’t let other providers trick you into paying for what we provide for nothing, as updates to the contact lists are free, so you can breathe easy and maintain that undeniable market advantage for life. You’ll be left with only the very best of the industry.

We’ve even provided a sample of our listings, so you can even check out the quality for yourself. You can’t put a price on accuracy.

And quite simply, we’re the best at what we do. We have over seven hundred lists for niches you might not have even known existed! You’ll find whatever you need here!