Lead Generation for Vape Shops

Generate Unlimited Leads For Your Vape Shop Right Now

There are over 35,000 retail vape shops in the US. Those numbers are growing beyond any conjecture with online shops opening and new brick and mortar shops popping up daily.  With independent vape shops reporting an income of $1.5 billion in 2017, this industry is showing steady growth with no slowing down. With all of the grown and constant order to fill, these shops may not have access to service providers and suppliers. They certainly don’t have time to search for discounts and business building technologies. They need those offers and services to come to them directly.

Getting vapers to come and buy from your shop is extremely challenging, expensive and time consuming. We are sure that you have tried everything ranging from Facebook groups, vape forum advertising and so on and so forth. Well, you can leave all of this behind because we have come up with a way to generate leads for your vape shop using our secret and affordable method. 

The Power of Local Searches

Whilst most vape shops are optimised for one keyword and one area, that barely translates into a decent enough client base. We have come up with a method to attract vapers from your local area to your vape shop.

How Does It Work

We will build one massive website, optimise it for each post code or zip code in your area, city or state and add an overlay of your website to our lead generating website. Our lead generation website will start ranking for thousands of locations with your chosen keyword nested inside such as "vape shop near london" or "vape shop near [post code]". There are thousands of vapers searching for vape shops near them! Our lead generation website will collect and send these vapers who are ready to spend directly to your vape shop! Imagine ranking on page one of Google for every single location in your area! Is it magic? No! As you can appreciate there isn't a vape shop in every single area and zip code so ranking for these locations is guaranteed. However, these underserved locations do have many vapers who are looking for vape shops near them and what we are doing is bringing your vape shops right to their doorstep!

How This Lead Generation Will Help Your Vape Shop

To put it simply, this method of lead generation will send you tonnes of vapers to your website 24/7 by exploiting the lack of competition in many local searches! You can dominate your local area in a flash. We have built over 100 lead generation websites for our clients and have made them over half a million $ of revenue! 

Our Lead Generation Websites Are Killing the Competition

A vast majority of pages on our lead generation websites come at the very top of Google and are totally crushing all the other vape shops by taking 50% or more of their clients! Don't believe us, let's take a small example! Ok the lead generation website in question is https://twinkiecakeejuice.club 

Lead Generation for Vape Shops

Lead Generation for Vape Shops

What Will I receive With Your Lead Generation Website?

We will create a lead generation website with thousands of pages optimised for every post or zip code and town in your city. We will then add an overlay to your website so that when vapers click on our website, they will only see your website! We will install a unique domain for your website and also add an SSL certificate. Your website will be hosted on our server using a unique IP address. Your website will be valid for an entire year! After that, you can renew it. If you do not have a website, we can create a beautiful landing page for you!

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