MASSIVE Scrapebox Auto Approve List of Websites

MASSIVE Scrapebox Auto Approve (and Non-Auto Approve) List of Websites: Blog Comments and Wordpress Contact Forms

We regularly use Scrapebox for our own marketing purposes and as such, we have generated two massive lists for 1) blog comments and 2) Wordpress website contact forms. We have removed all duplicate urls from each list. Moreover, we are constantly scraping for new websites and are merging those with our master list. Here is your opportunity to get a clean Scrapebox list.

What You Will Receive with Our Scrapebox Website List Package

You will receive two files in a notepad .txt file. One will be for blog comments and the second one will be for Wordpress Contact forms. We are updating the lists on a daily basis and are releasing updates a couple of times a month. You will receive free updates for life. As soon as we update the lists, you will receive a download link to the email address which you have used to purchase the Scrapebox list. YOU ONLY PAY A ONE OFF PRICE. THERE ARE NO MONTHLY FEES.

Please note, we have included all websites for blog comments (both auto-approve and the ones that require moderation for the sake of completeness. Generally, we find that websites that moderate their blog comments tend to have a lower OBL and are better for backlink building. Your success rate will depend on how well you carve your message. If it is outright spam, then it will get rejected but on the other hand, if you put in some thought and effort into drafting and manually spinning your blog comment, you will get a higher success rate.

Quick Stats of Our Scrapebox Lists 

Please note, we aim to give an approximate number of websites and these will change (increase) following every update:

Websites for Contact Form Submissions: 800,000 websites

Websites for Blog Commenting: 2,100,000+ websites

Blog Comment Sites Include the Following Platforms

  • K2 Blog
  • WordPress Blog
  • DotClear
  • Aska BBS
  • ArdGuestbook
  • WordPress Trackbacks
  • BlogEngine
  • TextCube Guestbook
  • AkoBook
  • Easybook Reloaded
  • Chinese Blog
  • PixelPost
  • 4images
  • Plogger
  • Joomla Comment
  • Basti2Web Guestbook
  • Serendipity
  • Advanced Guestbook
  • Bella Guestbook
  • Gallery V2
  • e107 Forum
  • DRBGuestbook
  • ASP Blog
  • DEDE Ims

How Our Scrapebox Lists Can Help You

Our Scrapebox Lists of Websites are meant to save you a lot of time, effort and money in harvesting your own targets. Scraping using Scrapebox usually takes a lot of time and requires hundreds of proxies. We have our own dedicated server with monster specs which allows us to harvest website prospects in record times. You can use Scrapebox Website Contact Form Urls for mass contacting websites with your message. Our list of Wordpress and Joomla urls for blog comments can help you to create backlinks for your website, tier 2 properties such as web 2.0s and PBN backlinks.