Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

The Most Powerful Instagram Management Software to Grow Your Instagram Popularity

Pinky's Celebrity Club is a very easy-to-use and powerful desktop software that will allow you to gain Instagram post likes, followers and comments!

  1. Here is how it works
  2. Login into your Instagram account
Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software
  1. Enter your hashtags and comments
Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software
  1. Run the software

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

The software will then like and comment posts and follow users according to your hashtags. The software has an automatic delay to prevent your account from being blacklisted. By commenting, liking and following other users, you will be able to generate a lot of popularity for your Instagram account.

Why Our Software is Extremely Powerful

  1. The software is desktop-based and does not require you to share your login details and is thus extremely secure. Other cloud-based Instagram management software require you to share your Instagram login details which can put your Instagram account at the risk of being compromised.
  2. The software emulates real human behaviour by working inside a browser. This reduces the risk of your account being blocked by Instagram.
  3. The software allows you to target your audience with laser precision via hash tags.
  4. The software will help you to increase your followers and post likes and comments count. This will help you to grow your brand or business on Instagram by expanding your reach!
  5. There are no monthly fees or nasty catches. You pay a one-off fixed fee for a lifetime licence and you will receive FREE updates and support for the lifetime of the software!
  6. Set-and-forget software. Simply run the software whilst you are using your laptop or desktop computer and the software will grow your Instagram popularity on auto-pilot. You can also run the software on a Windows VPS.
  7. Over 5,000 of the largest brands are using our software to grow their Instagram popularity!

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software

Try Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software for FREE

The free version is restricted to post liking only. Please purchase the full version for post liking, following and commenting.

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Management Software


The software runs on a Windows operating system and does not currently support Mac.

Please disable your anti-virus when running the software as anti-viruses tend to catch and flag up everything that is automated.

It is your responsibility to use the software correctly and we accept no liability for any loss.

All future updates will be sent to you via e-mail along with installation instructions.

One licence key will allow you to use your software on a single computer. Please note that we will only re-assign your licence to another computer in very rare circumstances. Therefore, please install the software on a PC or a VPS that you intend to use for a long time.


Your licence key will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. Please check the email address with which you made the PayPal payment.


Update Log

August 2018 - added a GUI stability feature to prevent the software from crashing when it is run on a VPS or strained CPU resources. Stats window was added where you can view the progress.