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Take Out Restaurants US Business Email List10% of Americans use a food delivery service at least once a week. It's convenient, fast, easy, and it's an almost ubiquitous part of the American food business' almost $800 billion annual revenue. However, that level of profit makes more a fiercely competitive market sector and a lot of businesses struggling to make themselves stand out from the rest of their competitors. For most that edge comes from finding the right suppliers and the best and most cost-efficient service providers. However this is the delivery business, founded on convenience and they know better than anyone that the best offers and the best products come to them first.

But, fresh from the oven and delivered right to you, there's the Take Out Restaurants US Business Email List. It's the perfect way to take the initiative and do what these businesses have already figured out: deliver. With over 68,000 businesses listed and thousands of emails, direct mail addresses, websites, and phone numbers so you can maximize your message and optimize your impact. All of our downloadable lists come with no subscription requirements and free lifetime updates so you can always be sure you're information is current and usable.

The average American spends over $3000 per year on fast food. They order, pick it up, and take it to go. Some drive through and order directly from the car. With so much money to be had, over 140,000 restaurants nationwide are now offering a take-out option. This is additional work for the business, additional supplies and personnel. They don’t have quick access to service providers and suppliers.  They have work to do and customers to satisfy. They don’t have time to search for discounts and business building technologies. They need those offers and services to come to them directly.

Reach over 68,000 take away restaurants across all states in the United States using our Take Out Restaurants US Business Email List. Use our B2B Data Lists of takeaway restaurants for B2B Email Marketing, Direct Mail & Telemarketing. Supercharge your B2B marketing now! INSTANT DOWNLOAD. FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. ONE TIME PAYMENT. Our restaurant marketing list covers all states. 

An Approximate Breakdown of Our Take Out Restaurants US Business Email List

  • Over 60,000 restaurants
  • Over 28,000 e-mail addresses
  • Over 60,000 websites
  • Over 68,000 telephone numbers

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