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Many business opportunities are occurring across the globe. Thanks to faster flow of information, many people are able to craft ideas that can be profitable and even prototype them. Capital Limitation however makes them unable to proceed. This gap in the market has led to some individuals who have sufficient disposable income think of investing in these ventures. These individuals are called Investors and they come in a wide variety of types, from Angel Investors , to Venture Capitalists, there is no doubt that Investors have led to the emergence of the almost all the new age brands. Some investors are simply a few people flipping through charts then deciding. However, others are more methodical employing an army of analysts to target businesses with high return potential. This is return has increased their popularity amongst Start Ups, Business Accelerators and Founders. Many Investors are courted by these to be able to get their investment and hopefully their backing for expansion. While the rate of success of any investment of this sort is about 20%, the returns tend to be much higher, typically over 100 fold. US Investors are perhaps the most active largely due to the US Economy being the largest globally. So if you are seeking to get into their radar for conducting business, then grab this product and with a few clicks be successful.

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Approximate Breakdown of USA Investors US Marketing Lead List

  • Approximate Number of E-mails: 31189
  • Approximate Number of Websites: 792
  • Approximate Number of Telephone Numbers: 70228
  • Approximate Number of Addresses: 69643

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USA Investors US Marketing Lead List

USA Investors US Marketing Lead List

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