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Over 80% of Enterprises usually fail within 3 years of them being started. This is indeed a depressing statistic. The biggest contributor to business failure is usually financial constraints. With many of the enterprises being suppliers to bigger corporations for either good or service, payment terms usually strain them resulting in constrained cash flow. It was shown in one study that the typical payment cycle was about 3 months even with terms adhered to. This is perhaps because large firms increasingly try to squeeze margins and force the smaller or new firms take unreasonably long periods of payment. By delaying payment, huge capital is usually tied and eventually businesses are unable to service orders. This is where invoice discounting firms come in. These firms usually undertake to finance supplies for invoiced goods for a fee. The logic is that by doing so, firms are left to enjoy less strenuous cash flow.  It is estimated that 4 in ten firms need these services and that the uptake is increasing by about 9% per year. WOWITLOVEITHAVEIT has come up with the most comprehensive list of Invoice Discounting Providers. This product is able to offer you, relevant contact information that can drive your E-marketing campaign. Try this list NOW>

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