There is no doubt that the appetite for Organic Foods has increased over the years. The statistics are undeniable Organic Food industry by some estimates is worth over $43 Billion annually. That’s good business.  Farmers too are taking cue with over 10000 farmers in the US alone growing Organic Food exclusively. It appears like the Organic Food bug has caught and is here to stay. More importantly because Organic Food is a frontier sector, the opportunities for growth are barely tapped.

Organic Food however requires certain unique and specific production and processing methods, both at farm, factory level and at the distribution level.  This means that Organic Food specific products and services like farm inputs like seeds, primary production activities like pest control, machines, labelling and even certification are required. This has resulted in bludgeoning industry stretching the entire Organic Food value chain and encompassing, Agritech Companies, Farmers, Agriculture Inputs Distribution Businesses, Processing Plants, Wholesale and Retail stores and even transport companies. That is one great combination from farm to the till.

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