Vape Promotion on Instagram

Vape Promotion on Instagram

How can vape marketing on Instagram help my e-cigarette business?

Instagram is a popular social media platform amongst enthusiastic vapers, and presents an incredible opportunity to reach customers for your vape, e-cigarette, vape juice,  or e-liquid business. Many members of the vaping community post images related to vaping using popular hashtags such as #vapetricks #vapelove #vapegram #vapehard and many more! Using Instagram allows businesses to reach thousands of potential customers using these vape specific hashtags. Despite the large number of users referencing these links, you experience some difficulty promoting your e-liquid brand on Instagram. That’s where our E-Cigarette Promotion on Instagram kit comes in!

Our talented team of social media experts can promote your business and generate social engagement on your Instagram page. We do not use fake accounts. Instead, we will increase awareness of your brand by sending real people on Instagram a link to your page on this platform. This method has been successfully used to send people to other vape business’s pages and increase their number of followers. It is important that your posts are well-liked on Instagram, as number of likes and number of followers is a factor your customers may consider before choosing to engage with you on Instagram. The more likes and more followers you have, the better chance of continuing to gain additional followers.

Take a minute to watch our tutorial on successful Instagram marketing.


How can I take advantage of the E-Cigarette Promotion on Instagram kit?

To get started, you will let us know how many Instagram e-cigarette posts you are interested in increasing likes on, and the total number of likes you are aiming for in total for all the posts you’ve chosen. Once we have received your order, our talented social media experts will send you an email asking for all the details required to create a personalized E-Cigarette Promotion on Instagram.

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